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Tao-Buddha-Confusionisms, Christian? Wars Defending Centuries ~

Monkey King
With a recorded history reaching back practically to the Big Bang, China has had plenty of time to perfect its pantheons. Over the aeons, primitive folk religion absorbed sophisticated ideas - the common sense of Confucious (Kongzi), the ritual and magic of Daoism, the sublime spirituality of Buddhism - to produce a stir-fry mix of Gods for all occasions. You certainly get value for money with China.

From the beginning of time, a certain rock on the Mountain of Fruit and Flowers had been soaking up the goodness of nature and QI energy. One day this pregnant rock released a stone egg, and from it hatched a Stone Ape, who solemnly bowed to the Four Corners of the Earth — then jumped off to have fun.

This was MONKEY. He was high-spirited, egotistical and full of mischievous pranks. He was soon having a wonderful time as King of the Apes. But a niggling worry began to gnaw at him — one which would change his life. The Monkey King feared Death.



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The World’s Greatest Hoax: How the name “Yahshua” became the empty name “Jesus” (English & French)

Posted on September 22, 2013 >> The World’s Greatest Hoax: How the name “Yahshua” became the empty name “Jesus”

Note: This article is about a religious matter. Please don’t consider it if you do not have any interest in such topics.

1.1 – Motivation

It is undoubtedly discouraged to use caricatures of Holy Names in prayer because a prayer won’t have the power if corrupted and perverted names of the Saints are invocated. A passage from the oracles of Zoroaster tells cleary: “Change not barbarous Names of Evocation, for they are Names Divine, having in the Sacred Rites of Power Ineffable!”

The Prophet Yeremiah warned that this practice, spread by the unfaithful priests, interpreters and scribes, consisting of removing Yahweh’s Name from Holy Scriptures handed down future generation. And this is exactly what happened when the Hebrew Scriptures were first translated to Greek, then to Latin, and finally to English.


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  1. Worshiping Wall Street's Retirement Portfolios IS Modern Day Religion, After A Fashion, IE Killing In The Name of GODS That Teach To Not Kill Or To Pray About How To Be Like The / A God/s, OR ZIONISM AND ZIONISTS NEW WORLD GODS To Obey Or Die Horrible Deaths Forever & Ever