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Clifford Hugh Douglas | SOCIAL CREDIT | 1-Pub Mar 8 '13, 2-Pub 10/11/13 | "DOUGLAS SOCIAL CREDIT" AND "AUSTERITIES," "SEQUESTERS," ETC
Shortly before his death, over fifty years ago, Clifford Hugh Douglas surveyed the landscape near Aberfeldy in Scotland, turned to a close colleague and said:

“You know, T.J., I think the time is approaching when we shall have to challenge this monstrous and fantastic overgrowth of industrial expansion – fundamentally. Really, you know, I personally can see nothing particularly sinful about a small dynamo; but this thing we’ve got is past a joke. If it isn’t a joke, it is Satanic.”

Social credit is a study of economics and the social order which will enable you to explain why the words quoted below are farcical. The words are spoken by an orthodox economist seeking to persuade a potentially rebellious population that there is no viable alternative to global corporatism:

 Asses in Clover “Suppose a party of people were wrecked on a desert island, what do you think would be the first thing they’d do?

Obviously they would look around for a man with money to employ them in gathering fruit. If there were no capitalist among them, or if he didn’t see his way to make a profit out of the business, they would all remain unemployed and starve to death, no matter how fertile the island might be.

"If therefore we want to have plenty of employment, we must give every possible incentive to entrepreneurs – encouraging them to get as much of our money from us as they can, so that they can spend it on employing us to make more for them.”

(Eimar O’Duffy, Asses in Clover, Jon Carpenter Publishing 2003, p 246-7)

By Alexander Baron Jan 20, 2012 in World

"... Next month sees the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. This year is also the 60th anniversary of the death of an even greater Englishman. But who was Major Douglas, and what is his legacy? ....

.. Clifford Hugh Douglas was without question the greatest boon to economics who ever lived; his strength is that he was not an economist at all but an engineer, and in his application of engineering principles to the financial system, he determined not only the weakness of the current régime but the way to rectify it. Like that great pseudo-economist Karl Marx with his drivel about the iron law of wages and such, Douglas was not an easy writer to understand, but unlike Marx not only did he make sense, he was also right....

.. So who was he?....

.. Born in Lancashire on January 20, 1879, 133 years ago to this day, his early life is shrouded in mystery, not a mystery of the mysterious kind, more of the kind that is generated without a reliable paper trail. It is known though that he worked briefly as a teacher, that he went to Cambridge as a mature student leaving without graduating, and that he worked as an engineer. His great insight was the application of engineering principles to the financial system. The current financial system, the same one that held sway in his day, sees such niceties as making profits, generating employment and balancing the budget as the be all and end all not only of economics but of Man. Indeed, it may be said that the generation of employment - whether gainful or not - is in many ways considered the end to which all of us should aspire....

.. Douglas saw things very differently. As an engineer he realised that the real wealth of society lay not in the profit and loss columns, but in the goods and services society can produce. He realised too that with the increase of automation, fewer and fewer people could produce more and more goods, both consumer goods and capital goods....

.. While automation and the new technologies have led in our day to a massive expansion of the service industries, including leisure, his premise is as valid as ever. This means that in order for purchasing power to be distributed effectively, another source of income is needed aside from wages, salaries and dividends. Douglas called this income the Social Credit, although nowadays the term Basic Income is generally preferred ... continue reading

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  1. Janet YELLEN of the Federal Reserve System FED needs to study the Douglas SOCIAL CREDIT System because the FED can't defraud the USA further since IT is too BROKE, IE Goyim Global

  2. A few really bad 'people' got a very sinister thought and made the form of thinking into the DEVIL, after a fashion, in earth and now we can see heaven wasn't always absent: SOCIAL CREDIT for how long now?!