Sunday, June 19, 2016


The Companion to Brainwashed for War. The Zionist Anglo-American Empire - paper tiger or mighty empire? Israel: lynchpin to the coming nuclear wars. The end of empire capitalism - The triumph of people's war The words in this book are not written to shock the reader, but they do. Here is a view of the Force, namely, the invisible Zionist Anglo-American Empire, that acts on our very lives. The author makes a convincing case, complete with impeccable historical references, of plans put into motion many years ago to control the course of human life on earth. These plans have taken on a spectacular turn, as the architects have decided to fast-forward their agenda. The Power Elites of the Zionist Anglo-American Axis have been in control of the political systems throughout the world. There is not a single country in which their cunning and evil influence has not been felt. Their philosophy of 'divide and rule' has manifested in various ways on different scales: the Cold War between Eastern communism and Western capitalism; managed conflicts in the oil-rich Middle East, aided by the creation of Israel; and the illusion of choice in apparent democracies. Wars are invariably used to abruptly change political systems, and never for the simplistic 'good-versus-evil' reasons so vociferously declared. Future Fastforward is authored by Matthias Chang, a Chinese Catholic, a barrister of 29 years, and former political secretary to former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. He author puts forward his propositions with sufficient proofs and documentary evidence that demonstrate: the rapid and irreversible decline of the Zionist Anglo-American Empire; and a New World Map by the middle of this century. He puts forward his case with a viewpoint that hammers in an irreparable dent in the social, economic and political myths promulgated by the West, and poses a formidable challenge to the Western media's ongoing propaganda schemes.

Bilderberg contributes to directly undermining democracy, while further institutionalizing technocracy – the “rule by experts” – at the national and international level. This series of the Global Power Project aims to examine and further bring to light the activities and individuals behind the Bilderberg Group. Stay tuned for the second installment next week.
Andrew Gavin Marshall is a researcher and writer based in Montreal, Canada. He is project manager of The People’s Book Project, chair of the geopolitics division of The Hampton Institute, research director for’s Global Power Project and World of Resistance (WoR) Report, and hosts a weekly podcast show with BoilingFrogsPost.

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