Thursday, July 10, 2014

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1. Honest Reporting For a Change (must watch)

Watch Diane Sawyer refer to Palestinian victims of Israeli Air Force raids as Israelis

2. We've Just Moved To Heaven

This is whats written on the destroyed roof of this House,
"Excuse us, the owners of this house cant host any guest anymore, we just moved to heaven".....This house was destroyed yesterday by a terrorist Zionist occupation airstrike, the whole family was killed (7 members), 9 July 2014.

3. Haaretz Editorial: Israel Must Undergo Cultural Revolution
Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: Back in November 2010, I briefly attended a One State Conference in Stuttgart. In my address, I pointed out that unless we elaborate on Jewish culture within the context of Israeli politics, any discussion on ‘reconciliation’ or ‘One State’ would be a complete waste of time.
A few days after the conference, I learned that Palestinian activist Ali Abunimah was outraged by my comment. He denounced me suggesting  that political actions 'have nothing to do with culture or heritage.
Apparently, today’s Haaretz editorial is in full agreement with me. “Israel Must Undergo a Cultural Revolution,” it suggests. I genuinely want to believe that since 2010,  Abunimah and his friends within the Jewish 'Left' (Mondoweiss & Co) have matured a bit and are now ready to grasp the real meaning of the conflict within the appropriate cultural context.
Haaretz Editorial -

Without a revolution based on humanist values, the Jewish tribe will not be worthy of its own state.

The Israel Police was quick to label the murderers “Jewish extremists,” meaning they aren’t part of the herd, they are outliers, “wild weeds.” This is the police’s way of trying to justify a sin, to “make the vermin kosher.” But the vermin is huge, and many-legged. It has embraced the soldiers and other young Israelis who overran the social media networks with calls for revenge and with hatred for Arabs. The vermin was welcomed by Knesset members, rabbis and public figures who demanded revenge. Nor did it skip over the prime minister, who declared “Vengeance for the blood of a small child, Satan has not yet created.”

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4. Filter On The Roof (satire)*

By Gilad Atzmon

Following the IDF difficulties in defeating Hamas’s ballistic warfare, the Israeli Government is now urgently searching for contractors with some advanced experience in large scale reinforced concrete constructions. The mission ahead is the building of a solid concrete roof over the entire Jewish State.  PM Netanyahu is determined that the only way to defend Israel’s populated area is to cover the Jewish State with a thick layer of iron and cement.

The Israeli Government’s decision to build a concrete roof followed a considerable debate within the cabinet. Defense Minister Bogie Ya'alon insisted that a massive extension of the current Security Wall would be enough to provide the goods. Ya'alon maintained that a substantial increase of the wall to the height of 90,000 ft. would be more than sufficient to stop missiles from entering Israeli territory. He sensibly argued that Israeli youngsters would benefit from seeing the blue sky when they raise their eyes above. Prime Minister Netanyahu couldn’t agree less.  First, the sky above  Israel is boringly blue, not even a single cloud above. Second, being fully aware of the nature of ballistic warfare, the PM contended that the only way to provide the Jewish State with the ultimate security is to cover it from above with a reinforced concrete shield.
Israeli President Shimon Peres, the legendary peace enthusiast, offered a compromise inspired by the idea of a trampoline. Peres suggested that a Security Wall’s 90,000 ft. extension made of an elastic net would do the job. The elder statesman argued that an elastic net will guarantee that every Palestinian missile aimed at Israel would bounce back to the Arab territory once it hits the net. Netanyahu and Ya'alon dismissed Peres’s suggestion. They argued that considering the excessive Israeli usage of artillery and missiles against the Gazans, the Jewish State would suffer far more from the erection of such a ‘bouncy net’.

In a press conference following the heated cabinet debate, the Government spokesman Mr Zion Zioni stressed that “following the total success of the Security Wall in stopping Palestinian suicidal terror, ‘Security Roof’ is obviously the natural way to proceed.” Mr Zioni maintained as well that the new Israeli project will turn the Jewish State into a “sealed Jewish Bunker”. “In fact,” Zioni emphasised, “‘Operation Security Roof’ brings the Zionist adventure into its final destination. With a reinforced concrete ceiling from above, a Security Wall in the East and the Mediterranean Sea in the West, the Jewish State will eventually become the safest haven for world Jewry. Herzl’s dream comes true. Long Live Israel!”

Yet, some technical difficulties lay ahead. Probably the most crucial problem has something to do with breathing. Like the rest of the humankind,  most Israeli people consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Apparently, the Israeli cabinet Ministers were made aware of this very crucial fact by the Health Minister Dr. Herbal Krechtzen. Netanyahu, being a man of action, responded immediately. Already in the cabinet meeting he authorised the Holocaust Ministry to explore different solutions to the acute biological problem.
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  1. Israel Must Undergo A Cultural Revolution? Yes and when that does happen, the world earth can rejoice for the STOPPING of the Metzitzah B'peh and Christian Crusaders that do the same calling IT Circumcision. CLIFF HIGH GRAND PENIS CONSPIRACY AUDIO, time for real change.

  2. STOPPING of the Metzitzah B'peh and Christian Crusaders that do the same calling IT Circumcision. CLIFF HIGH GRAND PENIS CONSPIRACY AUDIO, time for real change. Israel Must Undergo A Cultural Revolution? Yes and when that does happen, the world earth can rejoice for real BONDING begins again!