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PBI National Conference East / National Conference West

Hi  -  You are invited to a public banking conference near you!  Santa Fe is considering a public bank for the city!

PBI National Conference East / National Conference West

The public banking movement is spreading like wildfire!  From San Francisco to Santa Fe, from Colorado to Wisconsin, from Detroit to Philadelphia, from Washington DC to Vermont, the grassroots support of public banks grows daily as people recognize the power they have to revitalize local economies. To empower the movement nationwide, PBI is hosting two regional events this fall as our national conference. We are calling them PBI National Conference West (Santa Fe), and PBI National Conference East (Philadelphia).

Come and learn more about how public banking is moving forward and making news all over the country! Join us in Santa Fe on September 27th and in Philadelphia on October 18th to experience the on-the-ground efforts being made to establish public banks at the local and regional levels. For those interested in the process of establishing public banks at the state level, Vermont will be the site of our national conference next spring - stay tuned for more details.

The lessons from Pennsylvania and New Mexico are important and inspiring for all of us - come and learn more as we work to reclaim our money and banking system.

The convention center in Santa Fe will be the site of a Symposium called Banking on New Mexico: Funding Sustainable, Local Economies.
The Santa Fe Symposium, titled Banking on New Mexico, will be featuring Richard Wolff and Ellen Brown as speakers. The PBI Board of Directors and staff will also be on hand to offer several workshops on everything from the ABCs of Public Banking, the advantages for the business community, to mobilizing public support. See the story below for the news about the mayor of Santa Fe exploring the feasibility of establishing a public bank for the city. Their findings may well be available in time for the conference - stay tuned for more news. Click here to register. Go to these web sites for more information: www.wearepeoplehere.org & bankingonnewmexico.org

The Philadelphia conference and workshop, Public Banks for Public Works: Banking on the Common Wealth, will take place Saturday, October 18th in the historic Friends Center in Philadelphia. Harold Meyerson, columnist from the Washington Post and Editor at Large, the American Prospect will be the keynote speaker. The conference will focus on the missions and public purposes that public banks can enable, and present a workshop on actions that advocates can take in their communities to make public banks a reality. The forum will be preceded by a Friday evening gathering for political, business, and community leaders from the region. There will be a post conference banquet on Saturday evening to honor Ellen Brown, founder of the public banking movement and Chairman Emeritus of the Public Banking Institute. For more information, www.publicbankingpa.org 

The Friends Center in Philadelphia will be the site for the conference titled Public Banks for Public Works: Banking on the Common Wealth

Santa Fe Mayor to Study Public Bank!

In June, The mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico heard from Mike Krauss and Gwendolyn Hallsmith of PBI, who were invited to the city to talk about the potential benefits of a municipal public bank.  You can read more about it by clicking here.

“We need to see what public banking would mean here before we can even go to the next level,” he said, referring to the feasibility study. “And maybe at that point when it’s completed, we determine we can’t go any further. But we’ve studied it. I think the people of Santa Fe want us to look at every means possible to make sure that we’re able to grow this economy in a way that helps all families.”

Rethinking Economics Conference in NYC

The Rethinking Economics New York 2014 conference is an entirely student-run conference to be held in New York City from September 12-14 at The New School and Columbia University. PBI is sponsoring the conference and will be exhibiting and providing speakers.

Rethinking Economics is a global movement to create fresh economic narratives that challenge and enrich the predominant narratives in economics. The movement unites all who support new ways of thinking. We believe that the mainstream approach to understanding our economy, while definitely valuable, is far too narrow. We value pluralism: the belief that economics should be a more interdisciplinary subject that embraces useful ideas from various schools of thought and subject fields.

Consultants Wanted

Harry Ohls, a public banking activist in California, is working to identify teams of people who are willing to volunteer for the Public Banking Institute as part of a group of development teams to tackle some of the difficult issues communities, regions, and states face when they start the process of investigating a public bank.  Please email Harry by clicking on this link if you are interested in working on one of these teams:
  1. State Requirements.  What are the “State Requirements” for acquiring a bank in your area.  This typically involves (1) Known experienced Board of Directors,  (2) an experienced Management Group,  (3) a “banking business plan”,  and (4) sufficient capitalization.
  2. Legality.   Is it legal to establish a local, regional or County “public bank”  in your state. 
  3. Capitalization.   For your size City, County, Region, how much capitalization is required, and where are your deposits coming from?
  4. Financial Analysis.   How do you figure out how much your regional can save with a public bank.  (CAFR analysis,  Treasurer’s Report, etc.) 
  5. Credit Exchange.   Establishing a credit or exchange system in your area that is similar to a public bank, if public banks seem like they will take a long time.

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