Saturday, July 5, 2014

JEWS? | EGYPTIANS! || SECRETS OF THE EXODUS | The Egyptian Origins of the Hebrew People

This fascinating reference fuels the passionate debate about the biblical Exodus with a provocative thesis: Not only was Moses an Egyptian but so were the Hebrew people who followed him to Canaan.

Through linguistic, philologic, and religious explorations, the authors prove that the "Chosen People" were not slaves from a foreign country but high-ranking Egyptian priests and the adherents of the monothiest pharaoh Akhenaton. During a counterrevolution against monotheism, his followers were forced to move to the Egyptian province of Canaan.

Secrets of the Exodus is a controversial, thought-provoking guide guaranteed to shake many beliefs both in the Jewish and Chirstian communities.



When the so called Jews left Egypt, the story says that ALL THEIR BELONGINGS were also taken with them to where they were going.  DUH.  Slaves wouldn't have had that luxury, only the higher ups got those rights in the days of the stories about barbarians then, and now too. be continued....]

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  1. ALL THEIR WEALTH-BELONGINGS carried with them in the EXODUS. In a word, DUH!! Exodus wasn't what we were brainwashed into believing. How fun for psychos to put that CLUE in, and yet the span of time in the lie ... how many can not get, that, when slaves would be set free they would not have been the story of vile evil most have swallowed hook-line-sinker.