Saturday, March 30, 2013

Disneyland Congress DC, Iron Curtain Eclipse ICE, to be continued ...

"... the President of the United States says, 'I have a lot of important things to do and taking care of 166 Arabs who happened to be stuck in Guantanamo is not the thing I want to put at the top of my priorities' >>continue>>"

Herein lies the rub~ Coyote Lane Howlin~

A.  Barry [Barry] Soetero's top priority/ies:  Poly-substance Addictions, Fraud, Insatiable Greed, Murder; (1) human life does not get chosen as an experience to be honored simply because nature - all powerful - co-created with an organic form, human life, (2) exception are the in "power" as "chosen,"of the human being species, having life's human experience as wholly-fully, IE EG (3) Congress of the USA, (4) puppets controlled by the Technomaniacs, (5)  Technomaniacs are the controllers of digital credit-debt.

Backwards going here USA is/are ~BRICS [Brazil, Russia, India, China, SouthAmerica] decided absolute power can't be trusted absolutely.

Our evolution cycle was moving in trusting virtual "money" which would have been quite modern and sane, but again, certain tribal behaviors could not and continue to not, be able, to have self control of the disease totalitarian control via communitarian-ism.

"... It's about the Jewish mother in 19th century Russia, whose son was called up to serve in the Czar's army in the war against Ottoman Turkey. "Don't overdo things'" she entreats him, "Kill a Turk and rest. Kill another Turk and rest again, kill..."

"But what if the Turk kills me?" the boy interjects ..   

"Kill you?" responds the mother in horrified surprise, "But Why? What have you done to him?!"  Kill a Turk and apologize...

<<NO APOLOGY HERE FOLKS  ... The report notes that the key figures IBC found are:

• 14,705 (13%) of all documented civilian deaths were reported as being directly caused by the US-led coalition ..  Of the 4,040 civilian victims of US-led coalition forces for whom age data was available, 1,201 (29%) were children ..  This shows what happened over time; the big peak in deaths being from 2006-2008,
reaching 7,286, by the time of President GW Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech of 1st May 2003 .. On a per-day basis, the highest intensity of civilian killings over a sustained period occurred during the first three "Shock and Awe" weeks of the 2003 invasion .. civilian deaths averaged 317 per day and totalled over 6,640 by April 9th, nearly all attributable to US-led coalition-forces>>CONTINUE>>

>>Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Turkey says ~bringing the Israeli regime to the ‘line of international law’<<

"... But the nincompoops surrounding the 84-year old emperor in Vienna thought that this was an opportunity to win an easy victory, and delivered an ultimatum to the Serbs. The Russian Czar, surrounded by dukes and archdukes, wanted to help his fellow Slavs and mobilized his army. They probably did not know that according to a military plan prepared long in advance, in this case the German army had to attack and conquer France, before the cumbersome Russian army could complete its mobilization and reach the German border. The German Kaiser, a disturbed child who never grew up, acted accordingly. The British, who never liked to be governed by people who were too clever, rushed to the aid of poor France. And so it went .. Could all these leaders have been complete fools? Was Europe governed by an all-pervading idiocracy? Perhaps. But perhaps there were reasonably intelligent people among them. Is it just that power not only corrupts, as Lord Acton famously pronounced, but also stupefies (in the sense of making people stupid)? .. In any case, I have known in my life so many normal people who, upon assuming power, did so many utterly stupid things, that the latter must be the case. 


Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.Abraham Lincoln

Iraq War vet pens 'last letter' to Bush-Cheney
Shock and Awe

Tomas Young has written a
last letter to George W. Bush and Dick
Cheney, for alliance with Saudi sheiks

and Israel’s insane Nazi visions
that have betrayed and abandoned countless beings,
human children, and Tomas Young,

sacrificed by the owners of
oil corporations, financial institutions, U.S.A,
Bush, Cheney, NO common sense

in any way whatsoever, Tomas
wouldn’t write a letter attacking the
9/11 attack but, injuries were

a consequence of his decision
to defend the country he loves but,

because of THE BIG LIE!

Tomas stiffly in his bed
body painkiller filled, life ebbing away dealing
with time on earth ending,

he hopes Bush-Cheney are
tried and before their lives end, PRAY
Project For A New American

Century Cabal find strength of

character to stand before the American public
and the world, in particular the Iraqis

And beg for forgiveness.

We have experienced smarter people in the United States and far more "progressive," "modern," than the Bible, Hebrew ideologies forced into the Century XXI by the puppet Bibi and his idiotic bozo backwards criminally insane, techno-maniacal behavior.

The puppets are all controlled via heavy duty poly addiction to super poisoning substances-drugs.  WHY Afghanistan WAR first, of course the very vital business interest has kept America there, and continues to, too.

B.  Congress, District of Columbia [DC]  DISNEYLAND CONGRESS and the controllers of government USA, as well as the supposed "democracy," are of course the chosen ones worshiped by the multitudes.  POTUS, President of the United States is the Idol which the news-media [Hollywood] sold US.

The wonderful world of Disney has managed to use children as the experiment, how many can be subliminally programmed to be breeders for the war cannibal criminals.

Until We The People face reality and embrace the brutal honesty of truth ~whole-and-absolute, we do only what has been already proven in the past in all failed nation states:  collapse.

Iceland choose to be grown-up in C XXI.  Israel's Netanyahu, at long last had to act as though dignified, at least one tiny step in the direction of civilized while in international waters.

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