Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Mission Accomplished"

UPDATEIraq War 10 years later: 189,000 dead, 32,000 U.S. troops wounded • Longterm U.S. costs expected to exceed $6 trillion, By Brandon Reid

Shock and Awe

Tomas Young has written a
last letter to George W. Bush and Dick
Cheney, for alliance with Saudi sheiks

and Israel’s insane Nazi visions
that have betrayed and abandoned countless beings,
human children, and Tomas Young,

sacrificed by the owners of
oil corporations, financial institutions, U.S.A,
Bush, Cheney, NO common sense

in any way whatsoever, Tomas
wouldn’t write a letter attacking the
9/11 attack but, injuries were

a consequence of his decision
to defend the country he loves but,

because of THE BIG LIE!

Tomas stiffly in his bed
body painkiller filled, life ebbing away dealing
with time on earth ending,

he hopes Bush-Cheney are
tried and before their lives end, PRAY
Project For A New American

Century Cabal find strength of

character to stand before the American public
and the world, in particular the Iraqis

And beg for forgiveness.

"... Saddam Hussein is dead, and so are an estimated 189,000 other people, on the 10-year anniversary of the start of the Iraq War .. When former President George W. Bush launched the “shock and awe” of Operation Iraqi Freedom March 19, 2003, he launched the United States into an extended military presence that lasted nearly nine years ...."<Con'tClick


Technofascists' Technocrats To Technologically TROLL Tabernacle Totalitarianism, Oaths Vowed To NOT Violate The U.S. Constitution AND what occurred in the choice of this minority ?! ~ indeed justice to be served, hot-cold-every-temp into eterntiy ~see Dante's Inferno

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