Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wandering Jews, Sniggering Shrew(s) And The Fed: Secretaries Of The United States Of America, Et Al, Et Cetera


Liars, Cheaters, Back Stabbing Mass Murdering Thieving Globalists that have convinced their criminal insane minds that THEIR Agenda 21 for Earth is divine intervention.  Or whatever gets tanked in their thinking finds a way to run amok on earth in the Twenty first Century [C XXI].

All the majority of earth people have eyes, too.  And the billions in the majority do not agree with the FRAUD and other forms of "Devil Worship" that the European-American Global Criminally Insane War Machine by way of Wall Street's VIRTUAL digital slavery ~ Insatiable-Greedy-No-Good-For-Nothing Humans-Doing-Old-Testament bad drugs too long.


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