Sunday, June 30, 2013


Bill L.    |    Commented May 28, 2013
You can judge an organization by how well the top leader regards and supports it's employees. In the last 6 months, 3,500 of the most dedicated and experienced FEMA Disaster Response and Recovery Employees have quit FEMA. Hurricane season begins June 1st. I hope the long Chain of Command Org Chart will be able to cope with giving orders to the empty boxes below them. The chain is broken at the anchor, the crew is jumping ship and the vessel is adrift in turbulent shallow waters.

Former FEMA employee    |    Commented May 28, 2013
To Bill: You are so right. Last I heard, it was well over 3,500 who have left and many more are indeed bailing the sinking ship. To add to your post, the FEMA Americorps idea EPIC FAILED and so did federal surge. On Hurricane Sandy, over 200 federal surge folks quit en masse from being abused, insulted and lied to about what they would be doing. Fugate is a fiscal shark, he has shown the entire FEMA personnel culture that the almighty dollar is his only focus. As another former FEMA reservist told me today, 'Sadly, it will be the public who will pay for Headquarter's fascist tactics.' HQ is doing a GREAT job driving off seasoned FEMA reservists on a daily basis. When the big one hits, the public can call up HQ and ask them why nobody is walking down their street anymore. FEMA reservists who have left only get a short automated 'thank you for your service' sentence along with an address where to send your stuff. When you grossly mistreat thousands of people who have routinely sacrificed their time, money, and lives to serve this country in it's worst hours...and all you get is a computer automated one-liner, that speaks VOLUMES for why our numbers are continually tanking. Craig Fugate Discusses How FEMA Has Changed (And What’s Next)

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