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Andrea Mitchell: Christopher Stevens Was A Republican Out To Embarrass Hillary Clinton | Wow, Clinton Attacked 12-Year Old Rape Victim's Credibility [UPDATED]


Christopher Stevens dead

The moment of Christopher Stevens’ victory: at last, Hillary will be embarrassed.
In a stunning development, NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell has revealed that former ambassador to Libya, the late Christopher Stevens, was a Republican, and had a personal vendetta against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so deep he was willing to die to embarrass her.

In two separate reports on NBC, Mitchell reported that “Republicans are taking direct aim at Hillary Clinton” in their quest to find out what led to the death of Stevens and four other Americans in Libya this past September 11.

Stevens’ nefarious Republican plot may just work as House Republicans seem willing to accept the fictitious tapestry of intrigue he wove before he died. They will soon hold hearings, and Gregory Hicks, the deputy mission chief in Libya at the time Stevens’ plan went into action, will play his part.

Hicks claims that he and everyone on the ground in Libya at the time “knew” it was a so-called “terrorist” attack immediately, and were “stunned” when Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, who was drinking in the best intelligence available back in New York City, let us know it was actually not terrorism at all but a demonstration in reaction to a malicious video on YouTube that simply got out of hand.

According to Hicks, he fielded a call from Ambassador Stevens when the so-called attack got out of hand and he ordered military assistance to head to Benghazi. An order, he claims, that was “overruled.” Though a mere diplomat and not a military expert, he posits that commandos from the embassy in Libya or fighter jets in the area could have arrived in plenty of time to prevent the worst of the “attack.” Mitchell points out, however, that the commandos whose job when in theater is to always be ready to fight could not have gotten ready in time; that an embassy in a war-torn region had such sparse security that it could not spare four commandos to go save the ambassador’s life; and supersonic fighter jets based closer to Benghazi than Lincoln, Nebraska, is to Washington, D.C., would have taken five hours to arrive. So the refusal to send any assistance was entirely justifiable—after all, it was just a simple demonstration gone awry.

Then there is the matter of the requests Stevens himself allegedly made for more security that some of these unstable Republicans are waving like a bloody, soot-stained shirt. This is more evidence of Stevens’ evil deep seated desire to embarrass Hillary Clinton, America’s favorite Democrat. Stevens, even though the additional security was not granted, chose to go to Benghazi at a time when a peaceful demonstration over a disgusting YouTube video might get out of hand. Had Stevens stayed back at the well-protected embassy in Tripoli (remember all those commandos defending the china?) then none of this would have happened. His decision to put himself in such a dangerous situation is clear evidence that he was, in Mitchell’s excellent phrasing, “a Republican taking direct aim at Hillary Clinton.” He calculated that he might die, and that his death would be an exquisite way to embarrass Hillary Clinton.

Clearly, this is a deep and committed plot on the part of unstable Republicans who have been led by the nose by that mastermind Republican, Christopher Stevens, whose example has emboldened his followers to pick up the torch and embarrass Hillary Clinton at all costs, even if it means their own death.

Thank Gaia the real menace behind this whole awful saga, the man who made that terrible YouTube video, is still safely behind bars, if only for giving Stevens, Hicks, and the other unstable Republicans a pretext under which to embarrass Hillary Clinton!


In a breathtaking story published today in Newsday, details of Hillary Clinton's involvement in a decades-old rape case in Arkansas comes under close scrutiny.

It is really worth reading the whole well-sourced article, but here is the upshot:

Two years into her career of making change and having Day One-readying experience, 27 year old Hillary Rodham was appointed a public defender in a rape case, and played out deep in the gray areas of morality by attacking the 12-year old victim's credibility.  Though nobody involved in the case can recall a shred of evidence that the victim had any sort of history of making false claims, Hillary argued it as a centerpiece of her case anyway.  And conveniently omitted this aspect of the case from her 2003 book, "Living History."

[sidebar:  In the event the Clinton couple do not bring deep reflection in the sane brain, then the sane Americans must find their ride to a new planet, all, before these two get to have another go at the rape of Russia and then there has been no stopping the rape that gets done by those that are criminally insane mass murderers, cannibals, and there is not a language/word/s to describe the Clinton "?"/$

.. to be continued ...]

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