Friday, September 26, 2014

The Deconstruction and Complete Reset of Israel | ANTI-CRISIS HARMONIZATION OF THE WORLD ORDER | Liberal globalization ~ Transnational corporations uncontrollably ~ trim back social security ~~


World Zionists Have been Ordered to Cut Israel Loose. Systematic Deconstruction and Reset to Follow in Progressive Steps Just like with South African Apartheid.

... It is a well known fact that South Africa was abandoned by the World for its inhuman Apartheid System based on their endemic racism ... While South Africa was deep into its Apartheid System, World Zionists and their main Cutout Israel used it as major a base of operations to ship illegal arms including nukes, and a center for all kind of clandestine highly illegal activities. Israel itself is generally now regarded as a racist nation founded on a well defended Paranoid Racial Delusion which was carefully crafted by the City of London World Zionists before WW2 even started.

And just like South Africa Apartheid against native Africans, Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians will be disassembled bit by bit in the next several years and Israel will be completely transformed and reconstituted, one way or another. >> Dr. Preston James<<

Liberal globalization has undermined the ability of countries to influence the distribution of national income and wealth. Transnational corporations uncontrollably move resources that were previously controlled by national governments. The latter have to trim back social security in order to keep their economies attractive to investors. State social investments, the recipients of which no longer have a national identity, have lost their potency. As the U.S.-centered oligarchy gets hold of an increasingly greater part of income generated by the global economy, the quality of life is dwindling in open economies and the gap in access to public wealth is widening. In order to overcome these destructive tendencies, it will be necessary to change the entire architecture of financial and economic relations and restrict the free movement of capital. This should be done in order to prevent transnationals from evading social responsibility, on the one hand, and to even out social policy costs shared by national states, on the other ...

.. The growing gap between rich and poor countries is threatening the development and the very existence of humanity. The gap is created and sustained by national institutions in the U.S. and allied countries that arrogate certain international economic exchange functions proceeding from their own interests. They have monopolized the right to issue the world’s currency and use the revenue for their own benefit, giving their banks and corporations unlimited access to loans. They have monopolized the right to establish technical standards, thus maintaining technological supremacy of their industry. They have imposed upon the world their own international trade rules that require all other countries to open up their markets and limit substantially their own ability to influence the competitiveness of their national economies.

Finally, they have forced the majority of countries to open up their capital markets, thus ensuring the domination of their own financial tycoons, who keep multiplying their wealth by exercising a currency monopoly.
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