Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cowlitz County, State of Washington, Judge Koss District Court, Kelso, WA

Infinite Father I thank thee that thou hearest my prayer, I thank thee that thou hearest me always, I thank thee that thou hast already given me all that my heart can wish for, all that my life may need, for the time that is and the eternity that is to be, and now with supreme joy and unspeakable thanksgiving I come to receive thy gifts and receive from thy loving hands, the divine blessings that thou hast from all eternity, treasured for me
September 23, 2014, No. Pp 2 [PLUS w/Exhibit Emailed not Faxed]
State of Washington, County of Cowlitz No. PRA PC0001030 APPEAL 
David Robert Koss, WSBA8473, Hall of Justice, 312 SW 1st Ave, Kelso, WA  98626, T (360) 577-3073,,
Susan Irene Baur, WSBA15221, Cowlitz Co. Prosecutor's Office, 312 SW 1st Ave, Kelso, WA  98626, T (360) 577-3080,,
F (360) 414-9121,
Patricia A VanRollins, WSBA37552, Cowlitz County Office of Public Defense, 1801 1st Ave, Ste 1A, 312 SW 1st Ave, Longview, WA  98632-3271, T (360) 578-7430,
F (360) 578-7431,
State of Washington, Commission on Judicial Conduct, POB 1817, Olympia, WA 98507, T (360) 753-4585,,
F (360) 586-2918,
Robert H Alsdorf, WSBA5951, Alsdorf Dispute Resolution, PO Box 20534, Seattle, WA  98102, T (206) 228-8575,
F (206) 398-4320,
John Philip Erlick, WSBA11808, King County Superior Court, 516 3rd Ave Rm C203, Seattle, WA  98104, T (206) 477-1623,,
F (206) 296-0937,
George Fearing, WSBA12970, 500 N Cedar St, Spokane, WA  99201, T (509) 456-3082,,
F (509) 456-4288;
Lin-Marie Nacht, WSBA16149, King Co. DPD, SCRAP Div, 1401 E Jefferson St #200, Seattle, WA  98122, T (206)322-8400EXT 3195,,
F (206) 726-3170,
Kathleen M. O'Sullivan, WSBA27850, Perkins Coie LLP, 1201 3rd Ave Ste 4900, Seattle, WA  98101, T (206) 359-6375,,
F (206) 359-7375,
Michael J. Pontarolo, WSBA5319, Delay Curran Thompson Pontarolo & Walker, 601 W Main Ave Ste 1212, Spokane, WA  99201, T (509) 455-9500,,
F (509) 623-1446,
Ruth E. Reukauf, WSBA17409, Yakima County Superior Court, 128 N 2nd St Rm 304, Yakima, WA  98901, T (509) 574-2710, F/,,
Gerald F. Roach, WSBA8332, Franklin Co Dist Ct, 1016 N 4th Ave, Pasco, WA  99301, T (509) 545-3595,
F (509) 545-3588,
Margaret Vail Ross, WSBA12910, 930 Tacoma Ave S Rm 239, Tacoma, WA  98402, T (253) 798-3312,
James Richard Verellen, WSBA6850, Court of Appeals Division 1, 600 University St, Seattle, WA  98101, T (206) 464-6046,; ET AL

    Dear Judge Koss, ET AL:

    “FINAL ORDER” is hereby in order.  IE, EG:  DISCOVERY NOT FULLY PRODUCED DUE TO AN ARTICLE III, U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL COURT REQUIRED FOR THE FULLEST DUE PROCESS RULE OF LAW.  The United States Constitution in the State of Washington is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.  An OATH TO PROTECT THE U.S. CONSTITUTION HAS BEEN AND IS HONORED?  Please immediately at the address produced in the court c/o , the FINAL ORDER as noted, so that I may file the proper paperwork / Appeal.  You are in receipt of the filings, I expect, that I filed in the Cowlitz County District Court for the matter.  It is on the record, in the Jail where a hallway extends to a room, that produces the monitor televising “prisoners’” orders:  DISCOVERY in Case No. PRA PC0001030, August 20, 2014, (Patricia A. VanRollins was also there), was to be U.S. Constitutional.  I am my own counsel, Sui Juris, on the record too at that same monitor hearing.  Patricia VanRollins and I spoke on the telephone on September 22, 2014.  This case is not being as was told to me, that is, DUE PROCESS LAW: U.S. CONSTITUTION!  This is the Twenty-first Century and the law must be able to support the technology and the technology must also be readily available to support the law.  Absent this reality “ITS’” an apartheid.  PATRICIA VAN ROLLINS and SUE BAUR are witnesses, causing a clear serious vitiation.  And, the case is an ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE-MURDER that was intended and set-up as DEVIL’S CHAIR for no less than six (6) and one-half (.5) hours.  I am not able to meet with Patricia VanRollins in this case because of the conflict, SHE WAS INTENTIONALLY SHOWN THE DEVIL CHAIR TORTURE WOUNDS BY ME, ROBERTA KELLY.  Sue Baur and Patricia VanRollins are both witnesses in THIS case.  Therefore, APPEAL.  U.S. CONSTITUTION’S RIGHT TO INDIVIDUAL TOO NOT JUST “GOVERNMENT”.  AND, COUNTERCLAIM: ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE-MURDER, via the Cowlitz County Sheriff Department, Et Al.  I must begin my filing and deposing both Ms. Van Rollins and Ms. Baur ([a] regarding the full discovery; and [b] DEVIL CHAIR proof of torture on my physical body).  The psychological testing for my spiritual, mental, emotional distress, to be afforded by State of Washington for ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE-MURDER via the Employees of the State.  And, upon DEPOSITIONS, the clarity can proceed regarding?  CIVIL MATTER.  This was a civil matter: AN APPRAISAL HAD TO BE PRODUCED BY THE PARTY/IES! AND THAT WAS ACCOMPLISHED - EXCEPT BY CAROLYN PAINE!!  NO, PAINES CAN’T PRODUCE AN APPRAISAL TO SUPPORT COWLITZ COUNTY’S “POLICE REPORT”!  GUILTY OF GRAND LARCENY AND ALSO CO-CONSPIRING TO COMMIT HOMICIDE-MURDER!!  Patricia VanRollins and Sue Baur are my “‘EYE’ witnesses” and therefore, must be deposed due to my home and all my belongings stolen BY AND THROUGH CO-CONSPIRING with the Sheriff’s Department at Cowlitz County, State of Washington – WINTER IS HERE AND I AM NOT AT MY HOME SQUATTERS ARE DUE TO COWLITZ-WA-STATE HOMICIDE-MURDER ATTACK ON ME.

September 23, 2014                                                                                        Roberta Kelly
Karen Hudes Whistleblower

The BRICS, the Group of 77, the Joint Japan-US Committee under the Status of Forces Agreement are beating the cabal: …


  1. The CABAL has stolen our wealth real and personal since 1948, and the time for full transparency with the internet has now exposed the vile evil for how vile evil the criminally insane truly are

  2. Since 1948, the CABAL has stolen our wealth real and personal and the time for full transparency with the internet has now exposed the vile evil for how vile evil the criminally insane truly are