Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Poli-Pathic Psycho-Statists

Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein.
Trade wars, currency wars, propaganda wars – a real potentiality of a conventional war in Eastern Europe – all by design of Western and Russian governments: governments whose heads of state regularly meet for dinner.

This gives us insight into the nature of anyone who makes it to the top of a state’s hierarchy. They can regularly meet under good terms, even spending a weekend together, and think nothing of playing the planet like a giant chess board where there is a real possibility the subjects of their acquaintances will be put in harm’s way. History – and yes, recent history – is replete with examples of such occasions.

John Kerry and Bashar al-Assad.
In the recent example with Kerry and Assad there are only a few possibilities here: 1) Kerry knew Assad was evil when he ate dinner with him. 2) He didn’t know his regime was evil, which is supposedly government intelligence’s purpose, yet he claims to know that Assad used chemical weapons. 3) Kerry knew Assad was evil when he ate dinner with him and still did it (which is my bet). Therefore, either Kerry is evil or lied to try to justify an illegal war, making him evil. Unless I’m missing something here, Kerry is logically evil by his own definition.

U.S. President Obama laughs while talking with Russian counterpart Putin before the first session of the G20 Summit in Los Cabos

Then there’s the most egregious and terrifying example of Putin and Obama. They meet cordially while sharing stories and conversing about what’s in their particular government’s interest. During Putin and Obama’s meetings (and Putin and Bush’s meetings) over the past few years they knew a situation like what’s happening in Ukraine was possible. They knew a Syrian crisis was a probability. These leaders meet with one another all the while conducting proxy wars with their special forces and/or tax-funded operatives.

Billions in treasure lost and hundreds of thousands of lives impoverished, uprooted and extinguished by their doing because their interests are opposed to each other’s…and they can still have casual and even polite conversation in the same room or over the phone. These are not meetings between enemies or allies. These are meetings between psychopaths with no conscience prone to mass murder at any given moment just simply discussing the best way to manage their ill-gotten empires and consequences for the globe’s peasants be damned and forgotten. (And sure, some leaders may have a warmer relationship with each other than in other cases, but that doesn’t change how criminally insane it makes them.)


It gives me chills to think just how crazy and cold these alleged people are. Then I turn on the American media to wade through the fiery rhetoric and disinformation (which is going on in Russia as well) and I see Lindsey Graham and John McCain – both of whom belong in the Third Reich and both of whom I can’t wait to see in the history books – turning this real crisis into a political talking point. Another example of what hierarchical institutions do the humanity of the criminals who make it to the top. People have died and been displaced with the worst of it likely to come and all these psychopaths can think to do is use it to the Republicans’ political advantage in an election year. John McCain is 77 years old! Why should he care about party politics? I used to wonder why he still cared to be so evil this late into his life when he could retire comfortably on his stolen pension, but then I learned that political power over people is like a drug. If he leaves then Senate, I’m convinced he will die shortly thereafter of withdrawals.


Of course, it doesn’t take a crisis to come to the conclusion that politicians are sociopaths at best. Just watch some clips of White House Correspondents’ Dinners and the sick jokes these presidents make.

“One word: Drone.” – Barack Obama

“Those weapons of mass destruction gotta be somewhere. Nope, no weapons over there. Maybe under here.” – George W. Bush Jr. (while showing pictures of him looking under tables in the oval office)

It’s become so painfully obvious that the people who run states are true sociopaths without a shred of conscience. They slaughter millions, rob from billions and destroy the environment and not only show no sign of remorse, but they make jokes about it. It’s sickening how out-of-their-minds-crazy these criminals are.

And yet, the only thing that scares me more than these poli-pathic psycho-statists are their billions of hostages who praise and obey them.



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