Thursday, November 27, 2014

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We've got Mr. Obama who has flopped as a United States President.  No U.S. President has succeeded in being a President of the United States of America.

  How can that happen when the GENOCIDE of the Indians continues to be the same story as the "Africans" shipped as slaves to "America".  And add the women as continuing to be second class citizens, too (ask Carrie Dann, Grandmother of the Western Shoshone), keep exposing the hypocrisy in the USofA and the sickening truth is the truth of true sickness.  Built on Genocide and Slavery and then in this time APARTHEID.  Obama isn't a lawyer, however his BRAND was to let the lawyers know (the corrupt ones working for the One World Government Gang), the Clintons also have the ticket for get out of jail free card ...
How much monopoly fiat criminal fraud "money", did Mr. Obama get paid to think he had the best "Cabinet" money could buy, too, to compete with the really pissed off China, Iran, Russia, Syria, and now most of the whole planet is pissed of at US!??

Israel was for a minute the ruler of world earth.

Iran has never stopped dressing up in what can be described as attire which has to be chosen very carefully:

to look the look of what the look is saying to those that look.

The Middle East has the black gold, that stuff to destroy others' and call the destruction a capitalistic model in the Centuries where wars have proven to be quite the chosen practice.

Lucrative business since the beginning, flesh trade-exchange.

We the Homo sapiens in the world earth design, the majority are of course not intelligent enough to change the collective MIND? 

Really and truly?!

There is this energy that is all powerful and the energy decides.

Call the energy "the world" decides.

And, the decisions in this time are able to be seen on the internet.

And, whether or not others' see -- what those that see on the internet the "scene" -- the visible world in digital time now -- whew.  All see what the inner has seen and the outer is auto-inner scene-seen.  Whew.


Mr. Obama and the owners of his Presidency have failed because to keep the WAR ON TERROR ongoing is to confront the Chinese and Russian nuclear weaponry, plus there is Iran Et Al (Turkey, Hungary, ET AL), which are also with the others':

equals lots of nuclear weaponry to match US and up the ante.

I've a suggestion in my time of being an introvert about this - an isolationist of a sort:

we can pray without ceasing?  Can we really?

I'm not succeeding in my quest, however, I'm not failing as much these days either.

Infinite Spirit, Father-Mother Mother-Father-Spirit (choose to write whatever happens in the experience of the Infinite source of energy)
I thank thee.  (THEE?  are we in our inner the thee?)
that thou hearest my prayer (do we hear our prayer or prayers in real reality? CAN we, DO we, write our prayer or prayers down?)
I thank thee that thou hearest me always (I know I hear my own inner waves of 'understanding' IE EG 'grief' Et Al energies)
I thank thee that thou hast already given me all that my heart can wish for (Yes, this is the truth)
and all that my life may need (Yes, this is an experience that has been happening to awaken my sleep)
for the time that is and the eternity that is to be (this has taken the energy of unconscious, subconscious, and alchemy with super-conscious ("Christ") spirit consciousness all powerful, must do Cultivation of the Nine Houses daily .... and Tai Chi, too!
and now with supreme joy
and unspeakable THANKSGIVING
I come to thee to receive thy gifts and receive from thy loving hands
(we are in our inner doing our outer and the power of our inner is the reflected outer 'powers'???)
the divine blessings (clean-whole-firm, Earth Style Tai Chi or any Tai Chi Qi Gong can do)
that thou hast from all eternity (cultivate the alchemy of the 9Houses!)
treasured for me (me is thee and thee is me and i am thee and the thee is i am)

We are all there is and all there is is we.  All governments in the earth planet at this time are all in the game, the game isn't fun for those that don't choose to play games with the power of the unseen.

There are a lot of human beings inhabiting earth, and we can pray in our growing of faith, to take the number of humans and bring balance to the whole energy field of energy -- that is what we have to work with in the reality of real.  All is energy, but for the world at large, Homo sapiens have acted not enlightened.  And, continue to act like energy isn't.

China and Russia are supposedly sophisticated in the energy unseen power all powerful.

Can China and Russia and ALL PARTNERS IN EARTH, grow the faith in our self - selves to bring balance to our earth force-source-unspeakable Thanksgiving honor the whole enlightenment?

.. to be continued ...]

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