Sunday, November 16, 2014

KAREN HUDES | World Bank | United Nations | Bank of International Settlements | International Monetary Fund | Banking Cabal | ARUM but nothing else!?

have to also check in on the cartel being those that are pulling strings you're on, truth is you've been reinstated but, not.  you must get following on internet and do, but not enough in reality.  cartel is cartel and not going to let go easily.  you could be the dangling participle in the equation, or BRICS are also experimenting with US?  time tasks all especially the masters.
Pushing for an end to the banking cartel on the internet:
  • ROn McCusker Karen Hudes of course the world bank has allowed for replacement of currency with arum but nothing else. This has been their plan. The world bank, the U.N., B.I.S. and I.M.F are all cabal enterprises. You of all people should know this. You were fired ...See More

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