Thursday, November 27, 2014

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The FED / Fed and ITS' cult of >Metzitzah B'peh APARTHEID<

GENOCIDAL PAEDOPHILIA MANIACAL maniacs are not going to get well in the self-regulation of DOCTORS that haven't a clue.

Clueless in Century 21 looks like what it is:  CHINA and RUSSIA and the UNITED STATES of AMERICA carving up world earth and killing as many humans as can, getting away with of course the same old story WAR as GENOCIDE.  Name what evil IT isn't.

Killers.  Mass murderers.  Cannibals.  Criminally insane Homo sapiens.  Nothing new.

Cold-blooded and not the least bit conscious of other than cold-blood killing machine, in today's world called the act of globalization.

Fast forward, 2020, the planet earth has been nuked by the cold-blooded killers and people are wandering and wondering, why.

Why did these cold-blooded killers get to say they were bankers?  And as bankers they got to make up digits that got sold as a commodity to purchase life in earth?

Predatory don't get to be non-predatory.  The blood has been tasted via these criminally insane cold-blooded killers and therefore, the stopping has to GET ACCOMPLISHED, via those that aren't of the same criminal insanity.

China and Russia do the same game and the FED / Fed simply wanted to be like the same act that was wrought on the other countries, via the same cold-blooded killers of antiquity.

CITIZENS' LAWYERS must be cultivated as the alchemy to this criminally insane now and certainly there is only a future not worth going into!

.. to be continued ...]

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  1. What does MADNESS look like? This what we're continuing to CHOOSE as though the ONLY REALITY!? Please there has to be a plug to pull to get out of the pool of cold-blooded killers!

    Madness Madness be my brain chemistry so I can be the coldest bloodiest killer ever in earth's memory! METZITZAH B'PEH and CIRCUMCISION started the insanity and so there!