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Lauren (Pug) Paulson
Bill Scanlon, CSpan
James Oliphant, National Journal  
Date: Thursday, October 30, 2014
I watched your recent discussion on how judges are selected with enraptured attention.  Here is the Third Stool of the Discussion  —  Judicial Performance Evaluations.

(JPE) Here is the Third-Rail of that discussion.  I got drummed out of the Board of Governors of the Oregon State Bar AND out of the Bar itself over my support of Judicial Performance Evaluations for all of the judiciary in 2004.

Judges are dead set for Judicial Independence (read they can “do what they want”).  Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin described it as “legal realism” .  Judges are dead set against Judicial Performance Evaluations because it makes them accountable to the Rule of Law and accountable to the stream of citizens that seek justice before them every day:  citizens that have the power to vote them out of office in states with judicial elections.
If one looks at where we are at in 2014, the story really begins in 1971 with the Lewis Powell memo. 


In 1971, Lewis F. Powell, then a corporate lawyer and member of the boards of 11 corporations, wrote a memo to his friend Eugene Sydnor, Jr., the Director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The memorandum was dated August 23, 1971, two months prior to Powell’s nomination by President Nixon to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Future Justice Powell stated that, “Strength lies in organization, in careful long-range planning and implementation, in consistency of action over an indefinite period of years, in the scale of financing available only through joint effort, and in the political power available only through united action and national organizations.”

What followed is a well orchestrated, long term plan to stifle the left and to stuff the dissent of the 1960’s and begin to nurture schools, think tanks and corporations in a new way of thinking. The following is no accident, but flowed directly from the conservative metamorphoses and Powell’s call to action of 1971 in the law.

National Center for State Courts (NCSC) -- Formed in 1971 by Richard Nixon and Chief Justice Warren Burger. Its mission is for judicial reform and judicial administration improvements in the courts of the U.S. The American Judges Association is an NCSC partner. Some of their meetings are secret.

1973 —  The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) began in 1973 as part of this conservative process.

1980’s -- The Federalist Society -- Formed in 1982, it is a group of conservatives and libertarians dedicated to reforming the current legal order. It now has chapters in 196 law schools. But, yet more:

American Inns of Court -- This concept began in the 1970‘s in Utah through the School of Law at Brigham Young University. Finally and formally formed in 1983 by Chief Justice Warren Burger the Inns are an amalgam of judges, lawyers, law professors and law students. Their stated mission is to foster excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility and legal skills.  Some of their proceedings are secret.
Hon. Ken Starr is a trustee of the Inns of Court Foundation.  All the awards designated by the Inns are named after Republican jurists including one in Sandra Day-O’Connor’s name.  

State Justice Institute -- Formed in 1984, its mission is to ensure access to a fair and effective justice system. It serves to provide grants to State courts and to finance the activities of the National Center for State Courts with taxpayer money.
In 1999, the State Justice Institute commissioned the National Center for State Courts to produce The Anti-Government Guidebook.  This 200 page tome instructs judges on how to cope with unruly consumers who represent themselves sans lawyers in court proceedings.  

American Judicature Society -- The American Judicature Society created the Center for Judicial Independence in 1997 in response to an increase in perceived unfair criticism and efforts to remove from the bench judges who have issued unpopular rulings.
During the summer of 2011, The American Judicature Society conducted a nationwide survey of Judicial Nominating Commissioners. Nominating commissions exist in 36 states and the District of Columbia to recruit, screen, evaluate, and recommend individuals for appointment to fill vacancies in the state courts.
The American Judicature Society is partially sponsored by Bank of America.  *sidebar footnote Bank of America is owned via the Vatican Et Al, see > Karen Hudes < > LAWYER FORENSICS< exposing the Vatican and the B.A.R.s, ET AL, in the U.S.A.]

Some of their proceedings are secret. 

The American Judicature Society has recently announced they are transferring their book of business to the National Center for State Courts.
This long-term focus began paying off handsomely in the 1980s, in coordination with the Reagan Administration’s “hands-off business” philosophy.


The American Bar Association recommended that each state adopt a formal system of Judicial Performance Evaluations a decade ago. 

The stealth campaign by former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor at the federal level and former Oregon State Supreme Court Chief Justice Paul De Muniz at the state level is to nudge us to judicial self-SELECTION rather than judicial Elections.  Each state already has a powerful oligarchy who controls things in their state.  The ‘SELECTION’ effort is simply a method to put more power in each state’s legal oligarchical hands and away from simple judicial elections by citizens.


A formal statewide system of Judicial Performance Evaluations would give the citizenry the information necessary to make the present mosaic of judicial elections work.  In addition, it would provide a meaningful system of accountability of our judiciary, at every level, who have presently run amuck.  Think, BUSH V. GORE.


[sidebar:  CITIZENS' LAWYERS, Thomas Jefferson said.  Now granted, he was a Virginia Slave Trader as were all those (mostly) with faces on the "money" of the "Federal Reserve System" (FED/Fed, NOT "Federal Contract with Citizens of USA".  No, but, indeed:  PRIVATE CONTRACT TREASON to the U.S. Constitution).  He did 'try' (not 'made') to make the slave trade against THE LAW of the U.S. CONSTITUTION, but the slave traders needed HUMAN CAPITAL to keep their very large plantations sowing and growing.  Thomas Jefferson married his wife's personal slave, when his wife passed away, the story goes, and the children from that union are known in history regardless of how much the 'news' (ownership "Timothy Geithner and family"), as "big investors -but-of-course- in the news", continue to COVER-UP.

James Otis


James Otis was called the most important American of the 1760s by John Adams. A trained lawyer and master of argument, James Otis was a leader of the Patriot movement in Boston in those years. Initially a prosecutor for the British authorities, Otis changed sides in 1761, when he argued against writs of assistance (broad search warrants that British officials used to search the homes and businesses of colonists).

During the 1760s, Otis led the intellectual attack against British tyranny, composing ringing defenses of liberty that won Americans to the revolutionary cause and helped to inspire the well-known slogan, “No taxation without representation.”
[sidebar continued:

Schools are designed to be an institution.  Institutions institutionalize thinking, the stuffing in the brain is definitely stuffed with exactly what the teachers of an institution - that is funded via the owners' of that particular 'society' - choose to "program those learning at the owners' institutions/i.e. the students".

A trained lawyer and master of argument.  Also, James Otis was bludgeoned by a man who was an owner of the "news".

There is a big wheel that turns and turns and when the spokes in the big wheel (for graphic purposes intended in the time of the digital all-encompassing worshiping of a false idol) are solid, sound, firmly balanced in turning, there is a forward or backward going that works.

HUB OF THE WHEEL IS INDIVIDUAL ENLIGHTENMENT.  Absent the individual rising into the highest power of SELF-ACTUALIZATION, there is only a victim for those that prey upon our own species as though this is an intelligence factor in thinking.

FIAT 'MONEY' and FAUX RELIGIONS.  Until those that choose to dress in robes and work for digital dust get clean-whole-firm in their brain chemistry, there is no such idea (e.g. a sinister-twisted ideology) "Justice in America".

Manufacturing an APARTHEID, and of course playing dress-up as though "chosen".  More HOLY and therefore, can KILL DEAD ANY 'OTHER' HUMAN standing before that elevated place where those that get to be, are chosen alright.

GENOCIDE of our own species is in a reality.  There are those of our society that have decided their time is of greater value, than 'others' in their own species' "Homo sapiens", and could be said the Haves vs. Nots, those, they, that are not in the decidedly obvious faction.

That is designed, the faction, in the institutions to be broken spokes in the big wheel of LIFE.

COURTS' ROB via ROBED GAVEL TYRANTS, any and all Americans' of their BILL OF RIGHTS!

INNS OF COURTS.  These are across the country spread like a bad seed.  They grow (SECRET MEET-UPS) SOCIETY.  Yes they have their secret membership and their secret agendas.

That's how an APARTHEID looks and exactly the solution?

CITIZENS' LAWYERS.  For the sake of 21 Century On-Line power-source-force-ELEMENTAL yes indeed IT is now essential for the ELEMENT of CITIZENS' LAWYER to become what every American practices as a BILL OF RIGHT.

That can certainly address the APARTHEID.  Yes shouting feels very healthy in the body-mind-spirit in relationship to this truth that the time long since did already happen, see James Otis who would have been perfect for teaching all, in the digital dust we now worship 24/7-365.

.. to be continued ... THANK YOU MR. LAUREN J. PAULSON, the genuine attorney-at-law -- WHO who learned how to be the/a SPIRIT -- in the matter of being human, addressing the true due process rule of law - unprotected via the faction! xo/rk]

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  1. Bill of Rights', MUST INCLUDE, EACH AND EVERY U.S. CITIZEN as their own SPECIAL ATTORNEY GENERAL, in the event they have to appear to represent their own LAWYER DUE PROCESS RULE OF LAW ARGUMENT.

    BILL OF RIGHTS'!! MUST INCLUDE, EACH AND EVERY U.S. CITIZEN as their own SPECIAL ATTORNEY GENERAL, in the event they have to appear to represent their own LAWYER DUE PROCESS RULE OF LAW ARGUMENT.