Thursday, November 6, 2014

WORLD WAR III, IV, ? STOP THE MADNESS NOW! | what has taken place so far is a great victory to all those who are defending and fighting for Syria, Iraq, and the region not to fall in the hands of these butchers who cut heads, rip chest, bombard, kill, slaughter, dishonor women, and take them as prisoners.

... we are on the threshold of the fourth year of the Syrian conflict, and still the Takfiris have not yet been able to control Syria. Many Syrians remain safe in their villages, lands, towns, and cities without coming under this control. Isn't that a great victory, a great achievement? What is required is that we reach the day of final victory. However, ...
Nasrallah surrounded by bodyguards

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household and on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets. 

Peace be on you, my master and lord Abi Abdullah, and on all the souls gathering around your holy site. Peace be on you as long as I remain alive and as long as night follows day. May Allah make it not my last visit to you. Peace be on Hussein, Ali the son of Hussein, the children of Hussein, and the companions of Hussein.

Scholars, brothers, and sisters! Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings. On this day – the day of solemn woe, we offer our sincere consolation to our Master – the Prophet of Allah - Mohammad (Peace be upon him), our Master Amir Al Mu'mineen Ali Bin Abi Taleb (Peace be upon him), our Lady Sayyeda Fatima Al Zahraa (Peace be upon her), our Master Imam Hassan Mujtaba (Peace be upon him), all our chaste Imams (Peace be upon them), our Master the Imam of our time (Peace be upon him), our senior authorities, His Eminence Sayyed Ali Khamenai, and all Muslims for the martyrdom of the Grandson of the Prophet - the Master of the Men of Heaven – Abi Abdullah Al Hussein (Peace be upon him) and his household and friends and for what have afflicted his family following his martyrdom. 


Israel owns America as a vassal-state.  Israel is owned by the Bank of London, and that entity is a faction of what has been a long time of inbred "Royals".  Queen of England and her family lineage, plus the Netherlands Queen Beatrix and the Spanish pretend CIA born in the Vatican King's "Wife Queen".  Names don't really matter in the grand scheme of things, Barack Obama also Hussein to get the world to be LIE ve the greatest lie in earth, to-date.

Historical crossroad.  Are the American criminally insane going to do what they do?  Are these not really Americans, but "Israeli Firsters".  What happened to the brain chemistry in the human 'American'.  Long time to get this many in one nation to self-suicide, but the Syrian conflict didn't stay in the Middle East.  Did anybody notice?  George W. Bush, Sr., Jr., and what about Jeb Bush and his family of darker skinned, how do they see the killing of our own species when brown or white?

>Infinite father, i thank thee that thou hearest my prayer, i thank thee that thou hearest me always, i thank thee that thou hast already given me all that my heart can wish for all that my life may need, for the time that is and the eternity that is to be, and now with supreme joy and unspeakable thanksgiving i come to thee to receive thy gifts and receive from thy loving hands the divine blessings that thou hast from all eternity treasured for me<

Do Americans "ANY" have the wherewithal to prayer rope?  To prayer without ceasing until the STOP of such as, Neo-Liberal BENDING !!  What a high crime against our own humanity.  I personally witnessed the "Jewish Community" deciding on how people are socialized, and when their own social structure isn't.  The very very so called "rich" in the State of Oregon, Portland in particular, preferred their own 'son' gay than to love the 'goy' he loved.  Sick.

When the FEDERAL CREDIT got spirited into the pocket-book of not all the American people, as what the contract promised, there was an APARTHEID.

Until this simple truth becomes outed, there is no hope for the USA to get into the Twenty-first Century.

.. to be continued ...]

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  1. Syria, home the antiquity reports, of all human bones. Who wants to own the Middle East? Same cannibals yesterday-today and what about tomorrow, do billions of Homo Sapiens decide BANK OF LONDON MUST FAIL RIGHT NOW!

    Who wants to own the Middle East? Same cannibals yesterday-today and what about tomorrow, do billions of Homo Sapiens decide BANK OF LONDON MUST FAIL RIGHT NOW! Syria, home the antiquity reports, of all human bones.