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The Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations: Aiming "Low" or "High"  |  Policy Innovation Memorandum No. 40
Author: , Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies
The Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations: Aiming "Low" or "High" - elliott-abrams-practical-steps-for-israeli-palestinian-negotiations
Publisher Council on Foreign Relations Press
Release Date January 2014
Policy Innovation Memorandum No. 40

The Obama administration is fostering Israeli-Palestinian negotiations aimed at a full and final peace agreement. While the talks last they help calm the regional political situation, but they do nothing to improve Palestinian daily life or help build the institutions of a future Palestinian state. If they fail, as all past efforts have, they may leave behind frustration and bitterness. Even so, negotiations should not be abandoned, but should be buttressed by a simultaneous effort to undertake pragmatic steps that support Palestinian institutions, improve life in the West Bank, and strengthen the Palestinian Authority (PA) against Hamas. While today's political-level peace negotiations can provide an essential umbrella for such steps, focusing solely on achieving a full "final status agreement" is too risky. Practical "on-the-ground" improvements are beneficial in themselves and can improve chances for an eventual negotiated settlement. Moreover, because such steps do not violate the interests of the Israeli or Palestinian sides, they can be pursued without continuing the top-level U.S. intervention that other and often higher U.S. policy priorities may require.

>The Cost of "Aiming High"<


What would happen were the American people to actually get on-line and demand the so-called, so-named LEADERSHIP of the so-called-so-named STATE OF ISRAEL,


STOP HIGH CABAL OWNERS OF ISRAEL AND THE VATICAN TOO. STOP doing whatever gets done to the Presidents [POTUSES] of the United States, Et Al. Any Sock Puppet does for the job, as long as the idolatry spins the eyes into seeing the lies as truth and vise versa. Saturated toxic brain dead, soulless, physical bodies and emotional subtle energies too -- filled with drug addictions and other addictions, i.e., alcohol. Whatever can kill the human being from realizing the gene of altruism is what we are. ZOMBIES. Oh indeed the scariest reality is there is no body at home in the OBAMA elected via the people of America.

OCCUPATION.  America is under an Occupation and to not accept this as the TRUTH is to be really more stupid than voting for OBAMA POTUS#44.  How to measure those that voted for him?  Stupider than boxes of rocks.  BUSH POTUS#43, CLINTON POTUS#42, name an American President that has been the Sock Puppet for the State of Israel's High Cabal and so there IT is.

People of America don't eat food like the staff of life is a healing art.  Nor an art of true sophisticated well balanced nutrition.  The food trip in the USA is scary and then there is the State of Israel.

How scary are the POLICE?  State of Israel controls the training and the JUDGES have also been far too many long in the robes, over to the State of Israel for the knowing how.

How to keep Palestine WEST USA in control for the TRANSNATIONALS that own the planet earth.

People are not in the majority of the Homo Sapiens in agreement with the contract the State of Israel decided for the planet earth.

> <<

> <<

SOOOOOOOO here we are in the imaginations of the criminally insane that have gotten the power so accelerated that NATO knocks on any door almost all the time now, almost globally errrrrrr that's the goal alright and not all right living in ITS' ghetto hell.

The FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM [Fed] in the USA makes up no money but, sells what the made up counterfeit exchange is to the Americans for not only an obscene and immoral profit, BUT also then decides the criminal fraud gets rewarded via stealing all the people's wealth all the time.  Call the hidden hand of their criminal fraud a market tool of mysterious unknown.

Like Israel is a religious place for the Jews, too.  Ha ha ha ha ha.

Using the religion Jew, making up stories because that is how the history gets written after a fashion, there is a scribe with a pen and a story gets born.

The Fed has a RESERVE NOTE that IT (computers now) sells to the American people.  The American people go along with the Contract, therefore, the Contract is good, IT works and globally the success has been an all-powerful power:  GLOBALIZATION wasn't about enlightenment in the USA.

There will be a shift in full consciousness, the minor shifts are already moving "heaven and earth" and you can confirm that quote with Condi Rice.

Americans are FED UP with the Fed and the New York Times and the Council on Foreign Relations and the Project for a New American Century and State of Israel and the BUSH FAMILY AGENTS with all the POTUSES FLOTUSES SCOTUSES COTUSES-COTUSES ALGORITHMS DERIVATIVES UNBRIDLED ENERGIES

There is to be a STOP, whether the Israeli Firsters Zionists, or whatever the title is that the most lost in our species decide, the CHOSEN --- there is to be a STOP.  Imbalance is near critical mass.

The ideologies of separate from the unseen power of creation in the co-creation of life in earth's real time power.  The power-all-powerful, does not idolize nor pamper in the shift of collective unconscious-subconscious-conscious-superConscious, those that practice idolatry as power.

Heinz Kissinger, David Rockefeller, the families of the BIG MONEY in the USA and then the families in the Western Hemisphere powers - Rothschilds, Kings, Queens, and so on.

The information that gets fed to the people, a knowledge or intelligence food, is what we get from those that have decided the only animal that has to pay to live in earth, the Homo Sapiens, get to pay those that have decided earth belongs to THEM, THEY, THOSE THAT DECIDE.

And, therefore, idolatry got and gets to be the all-powerful power in earth.

Idolizing those that have decided there are HAVES and NOTS.  And not only idolizing the MORONS, the human being allows the mass murder of our own species, and so on.

Don't OBEY ISRAEL and Noah's Arc is ready to do what gets done here in the STONE AGES, that is not a new concept in the earth time doing hard energies until subtle can be understood via all.

.. to be continued ...

The Universal Postal Union oversees international commerce.

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