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ORGANIZED CRIME CABAL [OCC] | DICK CHENEY | ARRESTED | GEORGE H.W. BUSH SR. & BARBARA BUSH | ARRESTED | NAZIONISTS ALL ARRESTED | USA ECONOMICS 2015-2016 | 365 PREDICTIONS | SER#7 | SORD [Suppressed-Oppressed-Repressed-Depressed] UN~TIED STATES OF AMERICA | KAREN HUDES ATTORNEY AT LAW | "The US dollar is now backed by gold but the war criminals remain free", Benjamin Fulford

What exactly is this large Worldwide Organized Crime Cabal (OCC)?
The OCC is comprised of three main divisions. The first is the International Zionist crime Syndicate (IZCS), an expanded form of the Meyer Lanski Crime Syndicate, which served as an action-agent for Israel and the City of London Rothschild (RA-shield) World Zionists (WZs) whose power stemmed from the fiat money of the “Central Banksters”.

The Lanski Organized Crime Syndicate absorbed the Italian Cosa Nostra and was the action-agent of the Rothschild-founded World Zionists operating out the City of London private fiat Banking System and Israel, empowered financially by the Federal Reserve System, the world’s largest fiat counterfeiter.

The second component is the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC), which gained initial power under Prescott Bush (aka, Prescott Scherf), and grew in power over the last 50 years after it assassinated JFK, RFK and MLK and hijacked about 50% of the CIA and a large portion of the US Military.

The IZCS and the BCC became joined at the hip and together have embedded many agents and/or assets in high US government offices and have solidified control over most members of Congress, the US Department of State and the US Department of Justice. Only the US Military now remains independent for the most part, except for a certain sector owned and controlled by the OCC.
The third component of the OCC are the independent crime syndicates, occult networks which include the Temple of Set, the Satanic Church of the Process of the Final Solution (MI-6); High Freemasonry groups interlinked, while some are linked to NATO and Gladio false-flag terror, such as Propaganda Duis (P2), and various large industries, including aspects of Big Pharma, some large international defense contractors; and all drug cartels, many of which are joint ventures with the CIA, the DEA and the Mossad, as well as other Intel agencies around the world .. Any large corporate group or criminal venture that has a great deal of money can buy or bribe representation at the USG roundtable of two-faced criminals via the 70,000 K Street lobbyists. Many lobbying funds are provided in secret to members of Congress and other USG officials in numbered offshore accounts, called “set-aside allocations” .. Current Republican Party chiefs are known war-mongers and OCC tools, so expect more new Unconstitutional, Unprovoked, Undeclared and Un-winnable Perpetual Wars in 2015 .. It is known that the lobbying money places the Republican Party primarily under the leadership of the OCC, who can easily actuate their known propensity to support wars to profit its defense contractors and Wall Street banks. Do not be surprised if the new Congress seated in January 2015, pushes hard for more high profit wars of acquisition for the OCC and Israel .. McCain-Feingold turned out to do more harm than good.

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The internationally traded gold-backed dollar and Chinese yuan are both now under the control of the Dragon (Asian royal) families, the British Royal family, the Chinese communist government, the Swiss banking families and their allies.

However, we are hearing from them that resistance continues from elements of the US corporate government who are using derivatives to continue to create un-backed dollars to buy up the stock market. They also managed to put an illusory $100 billion into their account on December 31st to postpone their bankruptcy.
The other thing that is clear is that we still have the Barack Obama regime in the US, as seen daily on the corporate propaganda media, refusing to prosecute known war criminals like George Bush Jr and Dick Cheney.

Members of the military and the agencies who are reading this article need to look at the following link which we have independently verified to contain true information:

The next thing to do is to ask their immediate superior officer why these people are not being arrested. Whoever in the chain of command, starting with Obama, who is protecting these criminals, needs to be removed. This can be done using the existing legal system. If everybody does not personally take action along these lines, the cabal rule will not end and humanity will not be freed.

This author, for his part, will be using landlines to phone various cabalists, such as Dick Cheney, to demand their surrender.  ... If it is determined that a rogue AI has hijacked the internet and the financial system, then, as a desperate last resort, allies of the White Dragon Society have used hand-written messages to organize, if necessary,

We are hearing that Barbara Bush is now frantically fighting to keep the Nazionist power structure intact. She is behind recent reports that Nazionist leader George Bush Sr. left the hospital (if he did there were no witnesses). Message to Barbara Bush: if you do not surrender immediately, your family is certain to be jailed and even executed.

We will also be seeking proof that many of these people, such as Obama and Cheney, actually exist and are not fictitious entities created either by agency propagandists or a rogue AI.

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