Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christimas is Coming - Christ Spirit D.O. Arrival?

[SIDEBAR;  It is fascinating to read the right and the left and the left and the right and then the other representative groups, so named, Libertarians, Et Al. 


The American robotic are the greatest frustration in getting understanding though.

Poor human U$ are literally plugged into the addiction to what isn't best for the body-mind-spirit.  Voted for Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, Ford, Carter, Nixon, and mostly highly well uninformed.

Where did the SPIRIT of the America disappear to?  Was there really such an idea?

In studying the real history, America isn't.

Not the sold brand we were addicted and are addicted to.

EXAMPLE:  Pride comes before a fall.  Those that are proud to VOTE.

Those that choose to VOTE for the worst of our human being species, repeatedly - and then bemoan the monster that has taken hold of the country because of being 'chosen'.

Of course the wars are the way to control, and killing the chosen to be killed via the 'chosen'.

Come on now, let us be supportive of the chosen one.

The job is difficult, he has to decide who lives and dies.

This isn't an easy position to fill, ITS' EXECUTIVE ORDERED!

The agent gets chosen via the self proclaimed 'rich' of earth.  That is, those that make up the ideologies, money and religion are the most powerful - they-them-those WHOM are owners' of THAT NATO.  And IT kills big time.  DRONES are on the way out?!

The same species get to choose the chosen to kill the too many to manage.  Grew the human capital and now the Zillionaires have to cull the bewildered herds.Too many experimented on that can't produce other than to die and the United Nations via AIG? insures each and every 'troop' (IE EG 'Human Capital') for 10 mil of some trade-exchange in the market at the highest bid, slavery didn't end - HELL NO.  How could the digital gulag resist this power over every electro-magnetic impluse.

... Happy Halloween all year long with the Barry Sotero Obama Show

.... tbc]

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  1. History has an important job, too. History must expose the human being, 'Homo sapiens' must be held accountable for the actions of what benefits our species in nature going forward, or not. A big NOT for POTUS#44.