Thursday, November 28, 2013

Murderer/s: "Craig Osth and his allies ~ C.I.A., ET AL

~ throw a GPS (Global Positioning System) device ~ an illegal clandestine spying operation throughout Pakistan but specifically in KP and annexed Tribal Areas,  wherein at a targeted house/car and the Drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), which is remotely controlled from undisclosed location, strikes at the target.”
PTI accuses CIA of waging war against Pakistan
Pakistan's main opposition party has sought legal action against the CIA and its station chief in Islamabad over “murder” and “waging war” against the South Asian nation.
Kevin Gosztola Global Research, November 28, 2013, The Dissenter 27 November 2013,  US Drone Strikes: Pakistani Political Party Names and Accuses CIA Station Chief of Murder  >>

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  1. Psychopathic mass murdering criminally insane sociopaths that lie and believe the lie, don't stop what IT has programmed IT to do.