Monday, September 1, 2014

Police Brutality is nothing New now it's just Militarized

With the recent events in Ferguson, Americans are taking a closer look at the rise of police brutality now run amok nearly everywhere. The real highlight of this sad tragedy is the awareness it has shed on the absurd militarization of the police force. An event predicted by numerous scholars of the New World Oder including myself. A roided out militarized police force is always a bad sign that your country is heading in the wrong direction.

While the subject of racist pigs abusing and killing blacks and ethnic minorities in America isn't a new one, in fact it's a time honored tradition- the stark realization that the police are rolling through towns with armored tanks and weapons supplied by the military is new.

Here is a short list of the Hoelice committing acts of brutality against minorities in America

In 1977 the Puerto Rican community of Chicago rebelled against Police violence:

Roots of the uprising
The uprising began on June 12, the day after the very first downtown Día de San Juan parade ever. A cop named Thomas Munyon was chasing 20-year-old Arcelis Cruz and his friend through an alley near Damen and Division. Munyon drew his weapon and fired, hitting Cruz in the leg. This was witnessed by a group of people at the corner who attempted to come to Cruz’ aid. When the rest of Munyon’s cop squad showed up, they beat the crowd with their nightsticks and even let attack dogs loose on the people. This savage attack by the cops enraged the growing crowd, which began to fight back.

This uprising against police brutality lasted three days and three nights. White-owned businesses in the Puerto Rican community were targeted as symbols of racism and national oppression. Battles were fought between Puerto Rican youth and the cops, with the youth armed only with bricks, rocks and bottles. Roberto Medina, who was 18 at the time and secretary- treasurer of the Puerto Rican Congress organization, said, “Some people thought that it was a bunch of yahoos within the community, criminals that started this whole thing. That wasn’t true. It had to do with ... the frustrations that we as a community were experiencing.” Medina is now a labor activist in Chicago. The rebellion was centered on Division Street, between Hoyne and Damen Avenues. A crowd gathered there on the second night of the uprising to air their grievances against the cops.
Rev. James Bevell, who was on Dr. Martin Luther King’s staff, sent a team of observers from the Southern Christian Leadership Council on the first night of the rebellion. On the second night, they were present at Division and Hoyne and were witness to people telling of how the cops were targeting young people for beatings and arrests. People talked about how the cops were actually breaking into their homes and assaulting them. Felix M. Padilla, who wrote a study of the rebellion for the University of Notre Dame in 1987, commented, “For many Puerto Ricans, the police had come to represent more than enforcement of [the] law; they were viewed as members of an ‘occupying army’ and as an oppressive force acting on behalf of those who ruled their environment.” 

The cops actually sent agent provocateurs into the crowd to attempt to incite violence in order to justify their own reactionary violence.

Also in 1977 200 protesters took to the streets of Dallas to protest Police Brutality.

Philadelphia is one of the most equally racist places in the world. In 1978 Philly cops targeted a black heritage cult  known as MOVE. The cult, fed up by the harassment decided to shoot back and killed an officer setting off a hostage crisis, and shoot out  fit for a third world country.

Miami was home to the first race riots since the 60's when an all white jury found an all white assortment of cops not guilty in killing a young black kid named Arthur Mcduffie. The pigs even tied to fix his death up as a motorcycle accident but the coroner provided evidence that they instead beat the poor kid to death. However, the jury didn't care and soon were playing golf while the ghetto's burned.

In 1983 Boston pigs broke into a Hotel and murdered a man in his sleep...

Here are 30 more cases of extreme Police brutality. 

N.W.A. said it the best in 1988 

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