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FRAUD, The Fed, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems [MERS], Et Al Etc (Updated 1/24/14)

April 8, 2013, From:  Roberta Kelly, (Electronic File, Etc)

To:  Owen M. Panner, USDC, 310 W 6 St, Medford OR 97501, F 5416088779, Life Trustee ~Lewis & Clark College Law School c/o David G. Ellis, Vice President, Secretary, General Counsel, 0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd, Portland OR 97219,

To:  Robert J. Bryan, USDC, 1717 Pacific Ave #4427 Tacoma WA 98402, F 2538823871


Re:  FRAUD, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems [MERS], Ivan and Katherine Hooker, 10-CV-3111-PA, ET CETERA, see also EXHIBIT A, 1, 2, 3.

Dear Senior Justices Panner and Bryan, ET AL:

In honor of the uncontaminated United States Constitution,

∙    Articles and Amendments all
∙    property rights’

∙    Bundle of Rights’ and,

    ∙    Consumer Protection [RESPA, TIL-A,

         HOEPA et al]
    ∙    Uniform Commercial Code [UCC]
    ∙    Oregon State’s Senate Bill 117,

         ET AL, Et Cetera

As you know, Ann L. Aiken, John V. Acosta, Michael W. Mosman, ET AL, are noticed repeatedly and have had BAR Complaints filed against their criminal acts.  The US Attorney has also received filings.  There are, as you also know, BAR Complaints filed on each and every Oregon and Washington [ET AL states] “licensed attorney,” addressing FORECLOSURE FRAUD.  BAR Complaints and other filings, correspondence noticing violations of the United States Constitution and egregious crimes blatantly committed in vile disregard for all other forms of law supposedly protecting United States citizens [IE EG Consumer Protection], have been received by Justices from the top to the bottom level of so called government.

High treason to the US Constitution, committed by and through so called counselors of law.  Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems [MERS] the perfect American product: Ken and Barbie Doll Foreclosures.  In reality this model was not designed to be other than artificially in the extreme, unfortunate truth about our US money.

... Similar cases were brought before courts in Idaho, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Utah, and other states. “It appears that every MERS mortgage,” a New York State Supreme Court judge recently told me, “is defective, a piece of crap.” The language in the judgments against MERS became increasingly denunciatory. MERS’s arguments for standing in foreclosure were described as “absurd,” forcing courts to move through “a syntactical fog into an impassable swamp.” ~

FRAUD is FRAUD.  Undisclosed trades and exchanges in real contract transactions are FRAUD.  MERS and Public Employees Retirement Systems [PERS] as well as the SMART new products to save energy, Et Cetera, FRAUD.  The Federal Reserve System [Fed] has been the greatest FRAUD and manipulated its secret government shadow banking in to GREATER FRAUD to secure its new charter for another few centuries.  Crafted its lawyers, licensed with state British Accredited Registry [BAR] organizations and then the levels of getting money for the Fed from its Tribal Legal, is very well controlled.  The lawyers (the majority) and the conglomerate of support for the so called system of checks and balances, [Technocrats and Technobots] doing exactly what they are told to do , by the Fed [Technomaniacs] producing paper IOU Reserve Notes and Digital Credit Units [DCUs].  The court system is operated via the Fed’s DCUs and this conflict problem of interest has now come to roost in the homes of every American citizen.  Wall Street is CONTAMINATED FRAUD.  The Chinese no longer agree to purchase the Wall Street FRAUD and continue the CONTAMINATION cover-up.

The U.S. new world globalists’ experience, in order to protect our lives, liberties and of course the pursuit to our happiness, all, the ‘reality’ costs an abundance of DCUs.  In the court system is the best example: DCUs technology operates the entirety, the cost cannot be equal to the people who are actually producing real value, but the inequality is not being transparent in the Century Twenty One [C XXI].

Not only are the Legal Tribe trained to be in the new court system of highly sophisticated DCUs, Public Access to Court Electronic Records [PACER] is accepted now as the standard operating procedure and therefore, the model of courts mirroring the automatic transfer machines [ATMs].  People that are not educated in the system of electronic ‘law’ are those that have been ‘damned’ humans because of the need.  Since the time of Romans the need for human slavery has been blood lust.

MERS is a dandy modern form of Romans owning slaves.  And the foreclosure racket [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, RICO], an exceptionally lucrative and a highly sophisticated organized racket via the Federal Reserve System [Fed] and its’ secret government/sEG Fannie-Freddie, and Desk Drawer Corporations (DDCs) IE US Bancorp, US Bank (USB), ET AL, see

The Fed acts in a non representative US Constitutional Republic government power capacity, circa 1913, while in reality it is a highly classified and concealed foreign entity.  The Internal Revenue System [IRS] the same ILK as Fed.

GLOBAL RICO:  Upon Ivan and Katherine Hooker’s case PROVING FRAUD [EG see 1/31/11, CLUELESS? Stephen P. McCarthy, Supplemental Declaration], a fully executed immediate shut down of Global RICO should have been and all unlawful foreclosures unwound.  The number of employed counselors of law may have staggered the imagination.  Pro Se may have been necessary back-up.  State of Massachusetts, just now ruled the past five (5) years of foreclosures under MERS in the state, not lawful.

FUTILE:  Continued treason by and through Ann L. Aiken, John V. Acosta, Michael W. Mosman, ET AL ~ARTICLE VI, US CONSTITUTION,

... and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding....

Hon Bryan used the word repeatedly: FUTILE.  This was a very significant word of choice since the so called justices named herein ET AL, indeed have held the US Constitution and the States’ Constitutions in contempt.  Regarding futile then ~in order to prevail in our modern truth-in-justice system, the Fed’s digital dust addiction [DCUs] functioning as institutional treasonous fraud to our US Constitution HAS TO BE evolved into the reality of higher civilized intelligence.

PUBLIC TRUST: Futile since the right to be sovereign, circa 1913, was stolen via the Fed and IRS.  John V. Acosta sanctioned I, Roberta Kelly, $60,000, while he gets ? Bonus DCUs? and Michael W. Mosman robosigned every illegal and unlawful paper before him.  Why?  Because forensically iron clad proof in court:  FRAUD by and through USB, Miller Nash LLP, ET AL.  Acosta, Aiken, Mosman, appearing well educated in the law according to the hiring of federal judicial – no.  Unacceptable.  On or about June 4, 2010, Ann L. Aiken, John V. Acosta, Michael W. Mosman, C. Marie Eckert, Teresa H. Pearson, Jeanne K. Sinnott, David Weibel, Krista White, Bishop White ET AL, participated in the criminal sale fail at 5109 NE Ainsworth St, Portland, Oregon 97218.  They proceeded to use the Sheriff to both attempt to falsely entrap me and to falsely evict our family from our home.  Our properties of heirlooms, fine art, appliances of new technology and the stolen properties were significant in value.  The Circuit Court and the Bankruptcy Court both participated in the crimes.

TYRANTS:  The U.S. Judicial has been propagandized as another form of ‘chosen’.  Tyranny appears in technology as technobots, technocrats and technomaniacs seizing totalitarian control.  It was made well aware there was-is a problem.  When?  John F. Kennedy [JFK] demanded the Fed and IRS be 100% transparent and the NEWS, too!? circa 1963.  The problem appears to have been a marketing campaign, Bernays? Wherein personality engineering a certain ilk of tribal-type, greedy people attracted to the Fed’s law schools definite sales propaganda~ Wall Street.  The Fed and IRS were not the/a problem in America’s need for an abundance of lawyers, and civics in law school waned opaque.  Sold a power as tyrannical technocrats getting to strike down due process law for a new world disorder of criminal enterprising RICO Global.  Robed gavel technocratic tyrants for the technomaniacs, see foreclosures ~Ivan and Katherine HOOKER, ET AL.

UNDER CLOUDS:  Clinton, a disgraced-impeached US President and disbarred lawyer chose Ann L. Aiken.  Michael W. Mosman, chosen by a non-elected war criminal George W. Bush, Jr.  John V. Acosta’s innumerable Green, Agenda 21, Anti-US conflicts of interest, he frothing like Crassus ready-able-willing to participate in whatever agenda the new order of no due process law could sell him offshore incentives, too!?  The configuration for the United States due process law is public trust futility at best and truly high treason to our good law.  Molten gold pour time?

CRASS: Acosta, Aiken, Mosman, ET AL in the years of Century 21.  The refusal of attorneys with absolute power to honor due process law, due to the insatiable lust that has been since antiquity:  EG Fire Brigade, very well planned agenda to steal others’ properties / wealth!  MILLER NASH LLP AND JOE BADA FIVE BROTHERS, FANNIE, FREDDIE, ET AL, ETC! see

... At age sixty, Marcus Licinius Crassus was the oldest member of the first triumvirate and the wealthiest, having made his fortune in slaves and the acquisition of property, either from proscribed citizens or, owning a brigade to fight fires, distraught owners whose houses were burning .. Crassus, himself, was killed when he was enticed to parlay with Surenas, his head and hand sent to Orodes II, where, relates Plutarch (XXXIII), the head was held up by an actor as Euripedes' Bacchae was being performed before the king. Dio relates a different end, although equally inglorious. And the Parthians, as some say, poured molten gold into his mouth in mockery; for though a man of vast wealth, he had set so great store by money as to pity those who could not support an enrolled legion from their own means, regarding them as poor men (XL.27).

WALL STREET:  Hon Panner you received a news exhibit of a young woman who sued her alma mater, San Francisco’s Law School.  Paraphrase~ she said she must have been naive [the personality engineered to be a/the type attracted to the sales’ pitch of the greed~ilk], the sales pitch for her to attend law school was Wall Street investing and the future retirement portfolio she could anticipate.  She was not told the money was digital dust when the sales pitch of rich was sold to her to attend the very expensive law school.  PREDATORY BENDER, is very precise in the Wall Street sales' pitch.  The same sales pitch was sold to the Oregon Public Employees’ Retirement System [PERS] and in fact, the entire Wall Street RICO is the so called Judicial checks and balances, as is well known now.  Further, Miller Nash Legal Tribe, is a significant investor, in Owen M. Panner’s Inns of Courts, too.  Michael W. Mosman, former attorney at Miller Nash LLP.  Miller Nash LLP, law firm for its client, US Bancorp, US Bank, US Bank National NA, USB ET AL, Et Cetera.  DESKDRAWER CORPORATIONS [DDCs] of the Fed.  See

The Fed is a private cult faction that provides ‘credit’ to its members [IE chosen-owned DDCs].  USB is City of Portland, State of Oregon’s alleged creditor.  The Fed provides USB ET AL with computer generated ledger entries.  No money is loaned nor does a real debt occur and derivatives are to be expanded as a gambling casino global trade-exchange for its cultist factions’ investors’ wealth primarily, FOREIGN.  The Fed is a global profiteering gang via computers or printing paper reserve notes, IOUs, which we people are repaying as usury debt into perpetuity - the Fed and its DDCs are dictatorial rulers in direct violation of our U.S. Constitution.  The Fed practices direct treason to the U.S. Constitution, there is absolutely no contract transparency in any of these so called lawfully binding documents.  Thus, Sirs, is it true that the U.S. Constitution’s law about money is not taught to lawyers?  IE EG Ann Aiken participated in a serious crime against the United States Constitution and it is about the money as our tap root disease, FRAUD.  Aiken not only participated in a serious crime and a series of serious crimes, Aiken is, as Panner said, CHIEF - of high crimes against our humanity and indeed, crimes against the US Constitution.  Add her violations to the Oregon State Constitution’s Senate Bill 117, what’s the solution?

Please IMMEDIATELY take the appropriate steps to disbar each and every attorney that participated in the/a United States Constitutional breach, via eminent domain home foreclosures in the States of Oregon, Washington, ET AL and continue to.  There have been enough people harmed in the criminal fraud of George W. Bush, Jr. ET AL ilk of New World Order absolute criminal insanity.  Disbar each and every attorney that intentionally violate the Constitutions.  All the named, in free will of choice participated in RICO, Consumer Protection all 18 Titles’ violations, and willingly violating UCC.

*NOTE:  Don Marmaduke with colleagues had a drunken judge removed from THE BENCH as an immediate action due to the obvious.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely,

The Legal Tribe appears to be addicted to Wall Street’s war chests, thus, look at the truth in retirement as what it is, lesser than wild animals because wild animals do not organize to go to war.  Americans in the majority are Roman slaves as we watch our so called elected officials behave as lesser than predatory wild animals.  Deciders deciding to be less than due process law civilized human beings, still after all these centuries.  The held as elevated pillars of society, licensed in contract to honor protection of the best law in earth, to-date ~~ willfully, knowing with full intention in a feverishly fiendishly dishonor of oaths, as barbaric thugs race to get more greedy with the DCUs.

Impeach imposters and disbar all fraudulent counselors-attorneys-lawyers - dishonoring due process law, it is your job and what the DCUs truly do pay for, JUSTICE REALITY.

Respectfully submitted,

Roberta Kelly


President Thomas Johnson, Federal Bar Assoc,
F 5033462176,   Jolie A Russo, Federal Bar Association
F 5033268259,
Tina Kotek, Oregon State House Speaker
Rep. Herrera Beutler c/o

Lauren J. Paulson,
Marsha J. Peachman, CHIEF, USDC Western WA

F 2063708821
postscript: Clearly trading and exchanging equal sum values in full transparency, did not find the CHIEFS who should indeed understand the job, qualified to rule.  MERS financial ruin upon their own jurisdiction is quite glaring.  Pity the law schools do not teach, Article I, Section 9, Clause 7, it is a specific notation in the JUDICIARY CONFERENCE, for all serving as “Federal Judges.” /rk

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