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World Earth: "There is no way out or round or through ... Life on Earth may not be ending, (HGWells), but humans aren't going anywhere ~ MIND AT THE END OF ITS' TETHER"

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November 08, 2013,

Near the end of his life H. G. Wells, the master of science fiction who produced optimistic visions in The Shape of Things to Come and The Time Machine, turned pessimist and wrote Mind at the End of Its Tether. “There is no way out or round or through,” he concluded. Life on Earth may not be ending, Wells believed, but humans aren’t going anywhere.

Jets, Tanks, Planes, Bombs and Occupying Soldiers: The Wall Street Pentagon War Machine 



The end of everything we call life is close at hand and cannot be evaded. Ours is a closed universe, yet we need something beyond it… Man must go steeply up or down and the odds seem to be all in favour of his going down and out. If he goes up, then so great is the adaptation demanded of him that he must cease to be a Man.
- H.G. Wells: Mind at the End of Its Tether (1945).

So long as we have a mouth, we will need food. So long as we need food, there will be people with food, and some without. There will be greed, jealously and war. No, I see clearly today that these flaws lie in the human condition itself, and are simply expressed in monetary or political terms. Blaming anything other than our humanity, would be like me blaming my bedroom mirror for the extra pound or twenty I may be carrying.

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Now we know exactly how many members of the U.S. House of Representatives care enough about American terrorism to attend a Congressional briefing about a U.S. drone attack that followed a classic terrorist pattern in killing a grandmother and wounding nine children in Pakistan. Five.

Five members of “the people’s house” came to the briefing, and one of them was there for the full 90 minutes.

When one of the witnesses expressed disappointment at the turnout, a congressman reassured him: this was better than we expected. They were all Democrats.

Had any other American lawmakers joined the audience of somewhat more than 100, they would have heard some of the survivors describe the inexplicable (and unexplained, because the CIA does not explain) attack in which the first drone missile blew up a 67-year-old midwife as she was picking okra and wounded two of her grandchildren. Others came out of a nearby house to see what had happened and the second drone missile wounded seven more children.

This is a classic terrorist tactic, sometimes called the “double tap,” using the first explosion to draw a crowd of first responders and onlookers as targets for the second explosion. Typically the double tap attack rings up a higher score.

In a sane world there might be more outcry against the world’s only superpower using terrorist tactics on civilian populations in a half dozen or more countries, based on the rationale of a global war on terror (no longer the official name) that, so far, seems only to have added death and chaos to an already deadly, chaotic world because no one in authority seems capable of coming up with a less destructive way of defending our homeland at the expense of any other homeland we select.

The Pakistanis keep telling us to stop killing their people

[SIDEBAR:  Tao says that living in balance in nature is the key.  Tao practitioners reached this 'enlightenment' and other humans did too:  Hiawatha, Great Amerikkan Indian Chief that Wiki whatever says was a 'fictional character'.

Hardly fictional, CHIEF OF THE IROQUOIS HIAWATHA, in balance with nature and then as was all other places in earth invaded the 'Anglo-Saxon' which today is the US-ZioCons.

There is a serious problem -- in the particular 'cult' of humans that have bred into the most wild beast mentality/ies.  Preying upon our own species and destroying our home 'earth'.  Absent any concern whatsoever, for other than insatiably greedily more and more and never enough -- FRAUD sold to humans as 'mony' that gets to be the/a power ~over whatever can be overpowered~ killing as mass murder, after all the horrors imagined in the sickest of our species' mind/s in EG GITMO Insane Asylum Et Al]

A shameful past: Indian insane asylum

Descendants on path of peace in Canton

May 5, 2013Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians
Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians: The old building is gone, but a cemetery still is on the grounds of the Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians in Canton, today Hiawatha Golf Course. Hear people talk about needed improvements.  Written by Steve Young
The Hiawatha Insane Asylum for Indians in Canton was opened in the early years of the last century. Assimilation was an objective. / Courtesy photo
hiawatha asylum
The only known photo of Chief Tom Floodwood (second from right, first row), taken in front of Markken Haugsrud Store. / Courtesy photo
Remembering the dead,  Listed below are the Native Americans who died at the Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians in Canton and the dates of their deaths:

Long Time Owl Woman, Aug. 25, 1908
Juanita Castildo, June 22, 1908
Mary Fairchild, April 22, 1907
Lucy Reed, April 19, 1907
Minnie LaCount, July 5, 1906
Sylvia Ridley, June 12, 1905
Edith Standing Bear, May 13, 1905
Chur Ah Tah E Kah, Jan. 2, 1905
Ollie House, July 19, 1904
Asai Tcher, Feb. 11, 1909
Alice Short, unknown
Enas Pah, Sept. 30, 1909
Baby Ruth Enas Pah, Oct. 14, 1909
Agnes Sloan, Feb. 14, 1910
E We Jar, Oct. 4, 1910
Kaygwaydaseqaik, Oct. 14, 1910
Chee, May 4, 1911
Emma Gregory, March 12, 1913
Magwon, March 23, 1912
Kay Ge Gay Aush Eak, March 12, 1913
Kay Zhe Ah Bow, June 22, 1912
Blue Sky, June 20, 1914
Louise McIntosh, unknown
Jane Burch, Feb. 1, 1916
Pasue, May 20, 1916
Maggie Snow, July 10, 1916
Lope Maria, Oct. 27, 1916
Lizzie Vipont, April 17, 1917
Mary Pierre, May 16, 1917
Nancy Chewie, Feb. 17, 1918
Ruth Chief On Top, May 15, 1918
Mary G. Buck, Dec. 14, 1918
Cecile Comes At Night, Aug. 12, 1919
Maud Magpie, April 24, 1920
Poke Ah Dah Ab, Dec. 26, 1920
Sits In It, Jan. 26, 1921
Josephine Wells, June 29, 1921
A.B. Blair, Aug. 6, 1921
Josephine Pajihatakana, unknown
Baby Caldwell, Jan. 31, 1921
Sallie Seabolt, July 12, 1922
Selina Picon, Oct. 14, 1922
Mrs. Twoteeth, Jan. 10, 1923
Kayzo, March, 27, 1923
Josephine DeCouteau, April 9, 1923
Jessie Hallock, June 12, 1923
Marie Pancho, Oct. 17, 1923
Ebe Sirowboy, Aug. 11, 1928
Kiger, July 2, 1929
Mary Bah, Aug. 25, 1930
Cynia Houle, Jan. 19, 1932
Drag Toes, Feb. 24, 1932
Charlie Brown, unknown
Jacob Hayes, Oct. 4, 1907
Toby, March 6, 1906
Trucha, Nov. 17, 1905
Hon Sah Sah Kah, Oct. 23, 1905
Big Day, July 3, 1905
Fred Takesup, Feb. 6, 1905
Peter Greenwood, Sept. 22, 1905
Robert Brings Plenty, May 20, 1903
Nadesooda, Feb. 8, 1908
Taistoto, unknown
James Chief Crow, Oct. 24, 1908
Yells At Night, Nov. 21, 1908
John Woodruff, May 15, 1909
George Beutiste, May 30, 1909
Baptiste Gringas, Dec. 19, 1909
Lowe War, Dec. 24, 1909
Silas Hawk, May 12, 1910
Red Cloud, Dec. 7, 1910
Howling Wolf, March 30, 1911
Frank Starr, April 28, 1913
Antone, April 4, 1912
Arch Wolf, July 2, 1912
Joseph Taylor, Sept. 20, 1913
Amos Brown, May 1, 1921
James Crow Lightening, March 8, 1921
John Martin, April 4, 1922
Red Crow, April 8, 1922
James Blackeye, May 6, 1922
Abraham Meachem, Nov. 10, 1922
Aloysious Moore, May 12, 1923
Tom Floodwood, Sept. 29, 1923
James Black Bull, Feb. 9, 1926
Benito Juan, March 24, 1926
Seymour Wauketch, June 1, 1926
Anselmo Lucas, Dec. 19, 1926
Chico Francisco, April 21, 1927
Roy Wolfe, March 31, 1928
Matt Smith, Nov. 30, 1928
Two Teeth, July 18, 1930
Pugay Beel, Sept. 14, 1931
Herbert Conley, March 17, 1933
Jack Root, Oct. 30, 1933
Charlie Clafflin, March 2, 1914
John Hall, May 27, 1914
Amos Deer, July 13, 1914
Ne Bow O Sah, Dec. 18, 1914
Thomas Chasing Bear, Feb. 2, 1915
Dan Ach Onginiwa, March 29, 1916
Joseph Bignawe, May 20, 1916
Walkkas, Jan. 21, 1917
Steve Simons, Oct. 8, 1917
James Two Crows, Nov. 26, 1917
F.C. Eagle, Sept. 5, 1918
Andrew Dancer, Nov. 21, 1918
Apolorio Moranda, Jan. 14, 1919
Harry Miller, April 25, 1919
Herbert Iron, May 20, 1919
Fred Collins, June 4, 1919
John Coal of Fire, June 20, 1919
Joseph D. Marshall, Nov. 21, 1919
Willie George, Nov. 23, 1919
James Hathorn, Nov. 29, 1919
Ira Girsteau, March 27, 1920
Edward Hedges, May 21, 1920
Omudis, June 5, 1920
Guy Crow Neck, July 29, 1920
John Big, Aug. 25, 1920
A. Kennedy, Feb. 19, 1921

Source: U.S. Department of Interior, National Parks Service, National Register of Historic Places, Canton Asylum Cemetery
Hiawatha asylum indian
Artifacts left over from the Hiawatha Insane Asylum for Indians in Canton, now at the Canton Public Library, April 23, 2013. (Elisha Page/Argus Leader) / Elisha Page - Argus Leader
Hiawatha asylum indian
Artifacts left over from the Hiawatha Insane Asylum for Indians in Canton, now at the Canton Public Library. / Elisha Page / Argus Leader

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