Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WEALTH X: No Motzarts-Beethovens-Goethes-Goyas-Brancusis-CamilleClaudets-NO Geniuses for the Homo Sapiens' 'Evolution Into Higher Consciousness', Clearly

What does the VIRUS that is, VIR US of 515 Billionaires in the USA look like?

Now, what does this spell in a U.S. Constitutional Republic?

Criminal Insanity.

>> http://files.billionairecensus.com/Wealth-XandUBSBillionaireCensus.pdf


EU-US historic trade deal: ‘Putting the corporation above the nation’

Published time: November 11, 2013 12:03
Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron (L) welcomes U.S. President Barack Obama.(Reuters / Yves Herman)
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The successful adoption of the EU-US trade agreement promises both parties massive gains of up to $159 billion, but the profits could come at the expense of the everyday consumer, who could see the quality of their products diminish as a result.

Over 50 US officials are in Brussels to negotiate the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which, if signed, will create the world’s largest free-trade area, which has also been dubbed an “economic NATO”. Officials meeting in Brussels this week will hammer out details to reduce trade limiting regulations.

The new round of talks will focus on reducing trade barriers on investment, energy, services, and raw materials, and key agreements will be announced Friday.

‘Non-tariff barriers’ increase the cost of business, whether it’s adjusting the voltage on an electronic device, changing a car’s exhaust system to comply with local environmental regulations or a difference in opinion of which chemicals are "harmful" or "hazardous" in the respective territories.

By limiting health, safety and environmental regulations in order to boost trade, the US and EU are “putting the corporation above the nation,” Glyn Moody, journalist and author, told RT in an on-air interview.

“That’s a very big assumption. People may not want to have their food less safe or environment polluted for the sake of more money,” Moody told RT.

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  1. As long as humans worship VIRUSES over real health, then there is no such idea, higher consciousness co-creating a greater yesterday-today-tomorrow, and that is ABJECT POVERTY A-Z