Friday, April 18, 2014

Agenda 21


Agenda 21


Doesn't that sound nice?

Not when it means surrendering your economic freedom to dubious schemes that empower international bureaucracies, yet sustain nothing.

CFACT witnessed the birth of the UN sustainability agenda at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.  We were there when the UN returned to Rio in 2012.

Since 1992, "sustainability" has become the codeword for myriad radical schemes to control the economy in the name of the environment. 

The UN's sustainability agenda, being promoted under the grand international scheme of something called "Agenda 21," is a significant drain on constructive economic activity. 

In the United States, Green campaigners quietly insert Agenda 21 into local governments by creating "sustainability" councils, initiatives and similar schemes.  Don't be surprised to learn that Agenda 21 may have already come to your town.  You should check.

People need to wake up and recognize the danger of Agenda 21.

Take a look at Michael Coffman's excellent writeup at

The supreme irony is that these UN inspired initiatives not only burden national sovereignty, but by depressing economic freedom and prosperity, they damage nature.  Nothing equals the power of prosperity to ease the strain man places on the environment.  Nothing harms nature like poverty, which forces people to lean heavily on natural resources for food, fuel and the basic needs of life.  There's nothing "sustainable" about that.

Recently, Australians woke up to the damage that was being done to their country in the name of "sustainability" and global warming and threw out their government.  Australians declared that they would no longer tolerate, "socialism masquerading as environmentalism."

That's a lesson we should all take to heart.

For nature and people too,
Craig Rucker
Executive Director


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