Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Donald Sterling, Cliven Bundy to start “Racist/Jewish State” in rural Nevada | PLEASE PEOPLE OF AMERICA WAKE-UP | UNITED STATES 'ZIONIST-JEWRY' POLITICAL


Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

According to unconfirmed reports, Donald Sterling has traveled to Bunkerville, Nevada for a meeting with rancher Cliven Bundy. Their agenda: The creation of a new Racist/Jewish State on BLM land. The project would, for the first time in history, unite Jewish and goyish racists in a single apartheid state.

“That thar BLM land is a land without people,” Bundy explained, “and us racists is a people without land. So let’s all of us who don’t like neegras and goys and such make aliyah. I’ll betchya we can make that gosh-durned desert bloom.”

Sterling expressed cautious optimism about the project. “It could turn out to be even better than Israel,” the LA Clippers owner said. “After all, Israel still has a few darkies – both the shvartzers from Ethiopia and those sand neegras they call Philisteenians that we’re trying to eradicate. But the only dark skin on this BLM land is the hide on Bundy’s cattle.” 

[sidebar:  Jewry Political, Zionist Owned, United States of 'America'.  And, the slow but, certain WALL STREET ownership of all that was the Indians and then the GENOCIDE that was then and now, way the global criminally insane operate, too.]

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  1. Global Paedophilia Cult, proven, and pretends to be whatever the masses can be brainwashed and programmed into supporting as though this betrayal of love is healthy for humanity.