Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dear Senator Ted Cruz:

The cognitive dissonance in the American people isn't going to get into an improved state, absent brutal honesty.

War in the countries:  Afghanistan to Iran, aren't going to bring back the super power USA.

The "Petro Dollar" has been already decidedly to be gone, no more.

Ronald Reagan was intentionally removed by the Bush family so the New World Order (which we're experiencing) could happen.

How do we make our lives and the lives of all that we love and even those that are not exactly our favorite -- how do we serve our whole people, local and global, in being safe in the time of great peril?  Getting the criminally insane to stop behaving criminally insane.  This would be the first step in moving ahead rather than acting as though we're truly 'HillBillies'.  Speaking of that word, America can't afford the Clintons again, but neither can the Bush type get to be in control of destroying the reality called 'idea'.

Ideologies must be carefully examined now that we have the NSA to carefully look at all the information in the world, all the time.

You want to be President in 2016?

The young people like at the site, ZeroHedge, and then the other sites like NakedCapitalism, well that is your target and the truth is:  all that people can vote, now, into reality is reality now.

The lies have destroyed the IT power by the universal truth of critical mass.

You want to build the Keystone pipeline and yet the Chinese are outing their family/ies that are the ones to invest in the projects that are selling America down the river.

MONEY SOVEREIGNTY does not get spoken about and that's because the greed of deep state's fraudulent 'money' is what every corrupt energy magnetizes to.  Clean hands would be a powerful stand, and then dead isn't alive.  Bankers jumping off buildings is scary propaganda for the puppets of the agents of the kings and queens of 'Israel', et al.

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  1. Political Pimps for the power of being in the Secret Pinky Finger Cult

    WANNABE! POTUS 2016 doesn't discuss sovereign money and this is the Century 21, that could definitely indicate hidden agenda/s.