Friday, April 25, 2014


You Can't Trust The Supreme Court, Science Proves It!
No Dicks Robes?
Antonin Scalia
Italian Mafia? >>

To SUPREME COURT USA, and to Rand and Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, Mr. Vitter Et Al  ~CONGRESS:

Senator/s, you don't have the same power today that you had when you thought you had it.  The power has always been ENERGY.  "VERVE".  All is energy, there isn't any other source of the force of energy, than energy.  We are energy in the most complex 'human form'.  But, you'd think this form was a disposable old sock, worn out and a 'mortal coil' to shed.

Did you know Jesus said:  These things I do yea, ye shall do even greater!?  And, Tear this body down and in three (3) days I'll build it up again.

Now what do you suppose he was talking about?  THE BODY-MIND-SPIRIT, and this is an energy we've not begun to honor.

Why not step back on all the running around that's being done on planet earth and beg the question:

Are we doing greater works than Jesus?  No, we've got the practitioners of the METZITZAH B'PEH and that other curse Circumcision from the same 'tribe', only gotta get the boys all, really not getting at all what has happened to their "Body-Mind-Sprit" in how could mother and father mutilate the innocence of the innocent.


I am of the FAITH and certainly "Hope" works for getting us lots of "Pink Unicorns", I am of the FAITH, that we are to do what Jesus said.

PINECONE.  The Vatican has the largest sculpture in the world, BRONZE, of the/a PINECONE.  The "Pine Cone" is our Pituitary and therefore, the so called 'Catholic' Church knows full well why circumcision is performed!

GILAD ATZMON:  "Jewrassic Park" can sew the foreskin back on.  The ROBERTS' SECRET COURT and of course the SUPREME COURT and then let us take all the robbed gavel tyrants and send them to Jewrassic Park, maybe they can find the non-Apartheid head ?

SCALIA says about the FIRST AMENDMENT, he wants to CONTROL our FREE SPEECH.  Wording the TOTALITARIAN NAZI STYLE as "be nice".


SCALIA, how did you get this one so wrong?  OOOPS forgot to check the zipper to see whether or not the apartheid in the head was wrong on Article I, Section IX, Clause VII, eh?!

JEWRASSIC PARK for the whole Italian Mafia and that includes the ROBERTS' SECRET COURT!

Time to change the way we honor our innocence, then we can concern about controlling speech.


  1. Can we TRUST the Republican that said MOFOs to get the Italian Practitioners via the VATICAN labeled too! And, then let us not forget to send 'em all to JEWRASSIC PARK and then we can see some WORLD PEACE sometime, somewhere, maybe.

  2. Send 'em to Jewrassic Park, need foreskins to FEEL innocence in the fullest capacity!