Friday, August 30, 2013

DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS RETIRE ON WAR AND THAT'S ALL FOLKS? NEW WORLD ORDER HAS BEEN KNOWN FOR A LONG TIME 'LIBERALS & CONSERVATIVES'>> Now all eyes turn to Congress, where the bar has suddenly been raised. Can the House of Representatives measure up to the House of Commons?  >>  It’s a crucial question -- but President Obama intends to render it moot with unwavering contempt for the war authority of Congress. Like his predecessors.  >> Even with war votes on Capitol Hill, the charade quotient has been high. The Gulf War began in early 1991 after the Senate vote for war was close: 52 to 47. But, as the PBS “Frontline” program reported years later, President George H.W. Bush had a plan in place: if Congress voted against going to war, he’d ignore Congress.

The USA got taken and the ideology was built on the genocide of the indigenous people which in the grand plan of universal nature isn't natural.

Nature rules earth with the arts of time and change.

No 'POTUS' can become greater than nature, no matter how many times the artificiality try to be BIGGER than what is natural, always, all ways, the truth meets time and change.

So we have our 'white supreme' and our 'black supreme' too and what do we get?  The same rotten corrupt thinking and doing. Who owns these agents of death, destruction, ghetto USA hell?

Digits.  The actual 'money' sold to Americans is digital and worse than this fraud is the fact the DEBT CREDIT is sold as though 'real money exchange' FOR CENTURIES!


Americans with some curiosity went to law school to be attorneys in the due process law of the U.S. Constitution, after a fashion.

When attorneys at law graduate from law school, the money contract should be basic learning.

Absent the basic learning tool of money, there is no such idea:  attorney at law.

Please, I won't insult the intelligence of those of US who get the simple truth about money being a transparent equal contract reality - these are not the days of traveling for lengths of time to places where gatherings have congregated, to prove the etched in stone or parchments of antiquity are about higher intelligence WAAAAAYYYYY back then, too.

...TO be continued ....  meanwhile study the NWO [New World Order] and let us fix the damage that has been continued to this very day ...

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