Tuesday, April 1, 2014

APRIL 4, 2014 | Propaganda Psy-Op? “Worldwide Wave of Action”. The “Global Spring” Begins | WHAT? WORD NAZIS! NO IT CAN'T BE: Criminally Insane Psychopaths Want Money & So Do Sociopaths Et Al, Et Cetera

FORM 'BEAK HANDS' gather chi, breathe into 1-9, 9x
more videos at the global research site, link below

[sidebar:  Chinese 'moderns' don't, for the most-majority, know the 'higher' teachings of the Taoists.  The Taoists were said to have been the first anarchists, anti-imperialism, anti-totalitarian control.  And, sought how to be the highest thinking-intelligent of the species Homo Sapiens.

Not appearing to have progressed, in fact the fact is the human being is not progressing but indeed, the situation is dire.

The ancient Taoists had practices they only passed down to their family lineages.

But, there were students that were also taught that were not 'immediate family'.

Practices that are an 'art', as would be considered the true devotion to a/the human being and our evolving into higher thinking.

Master Hua-Ching NI, came to America from Taiwan.  He has been in 'seclusion' off and on for many years now.  His work was a quiet revolution, after a fashion.

We are devolving.  How?  In the non-stop mass murdering, for a first real point.  Of course the experimentation and other forms of human degradation in using the Homo Sapiens as simply a disposable commodity, count.

The so called 'elite' of earth devised a very evil plan in how to grow human flesh capital and then to capitalize in pounding that flesh into bloody disappearing acts, globally, again-again-again.

WAR is an evil act.  The evil actors of this act are not going to be sane.  The criminally insane can fool almost all the people all the time.

IT and the IPhones, labtop computers, standalone computers, super laser beams from wherever the services to spy on humans can figure out to spy to and from and the spectrum of spying is of course infinite.

The Taoists were at levels which we could, should we practice and would the devotion be real, reach powers that are real.  Pointing at the moon and the finger can be mistaken for the light of night.

Nine compartments in the brain.  Tai Chi grounds the practice so figure out a Tai Chi and do this, too.  Breathe in the compartments, count the perfect sequences of 15, diagonal, vertical, horizontal, and one plus five is six.  Six is one plus two plus three, said to be 'perfect' and the only number in our system of numbers, that we can know of to-date, is 6.

Nine compartments, nine breaths.  Intention, attention, practice-practice-practice.

Maybe the practice can be located in the world, doubtful, though, because the Chinese guard their treasures even when they-themselves don't practice as a devotee would-could-should.

These times are most uncertain.  That statement is never not true.  This time, however, there are criminally insane that choose to depopulate the planet and the number of disposable commodities are at the United Nations, the 'census bureau'?

When the earthquake news is forthcoming as a constant stream of noise rumbling from deep in the ground, the Balrog has been awakened.  The number of humans grown to accommodate whatever the agenda/s is-are, of this so called 'elite' of earth, has to be culled now.  There are those that have been 'chosen' via the 'chosen' and the time is near to know how this agenda looks in reality sold in our 'news'.

WORD NAZIS, these humans went to school to learn how to make money controlling the word/s.  Quite clever the ELITE that aren't other than the worst of our species and / or are they human?!




  1. Breath is free and the mind is in every cell of the body-spirit, too, breathe into each compartment as a meditation and get ready!

  2. April 11, 14, and then into May the 15, June 28, how far can 2014 get before we know the VANGA prediction for the real true new order of world earth!?