Monday, April 7, 2014

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MAY 15, 1948


Israel got born and Mossad
too, with overthrow of Mossadeq, clever cultists
darkness modern times darker than

medieval years centuries darkening earth,
too, State Security Service, Stasi U.S.
America got dead in BLACK

GOLD Rush CANNIBALS' ruling earth
again, nothing new except stakes higher Century
Twenty-one awakened Century Twenty,

B4 ITS' too late, time?
Kodama Yoshio, Japan - Adnan Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia,
Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] agents

Men in America were afraid
shadows stalking shadows, Peter Pan style
Christians' circumcision, Metzitzah b'peh Jewish,

APARTHEID in our heads, brains
shocked from our innocence, removal of connected,
to our own humanity, GENOCIDE

coups, assassinations, Continuity of Government,
[COG], National Communications System (NCS) GLOBAL SHIELD,
Carter, Reagan, Religion, Holly Wood,

devils, demons, religious superstitions, ignorance
isn't bliss, JURISPRUDENCE stuck war ditches
witches and warlocks, cannibals' classless,

CIA, National Security,
Agencies nested in agencies like Russian dolls,
Wall Street trading, exchanging, owners

RETIREES' U$A locked, loaded, weapons
totalitarianism dictionary names fascism, nazism,

criminally insane cannibalism has reached
peak performance in the shadow gov BIG
think tanks, Council on Foreign

Relations?  [CFR] decided, decides?!
Andrew Jackson was owned, too, U.S. Government
not coining money sovereignty:  TREASON.


1 comment:

  1. OIL, "Black Gold", and also, Barbara Tuchman BIBLE & SWORD, names the names now named in history as the truly worst of our human species' known as cannibals always in time.

    Barbara Tuchman "Bible and Sword", so much explaining has been done and here we are again, explaining the cannibals of earth as though they've been elected to eat all the humans all the time!

    Knowing the reality of the past can potentially be in the 21 Century how we don't repeat the cannibalization of earth and our species, via the cannibals.