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Lori Allen Siegelman, right, enters the Federal courthouse, Monday, Dec. 15, 2014, in Montgomery, Ala. Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman will be in federal court Monday for a hearing on his request to get out of prison while he appeals his 2006 bribery conviction. Siegelman is asking a federal judge to release him until his appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals is resolved. Man at left is unidentified. (APphoto)
MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- Looking thin and dressed in a reddish jumpsuit with a chain around his waist, former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman appeared on Monday in U.S. District Court in Montgomery, asking for temporary release from prison as he awaits a new appeal.  http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2014/12/former_gov_don_siegelman_will.html



The year, 2008, and Don Siegelman now in 2014, still in jail waiting.  This story proves how broken the system of so-called justice is.

When did the actual critical mass happen.  The critical mass of how the American system got to the point of allowing the KARL ROVE AGENDA to do what was done to Don Siegelman.  The system is broken, he wasn't immediately already released - furthermore, and more importantly, he was in prison and there due to being ordered there via a Federal Judge.

The FEDERAL BENCH, as the name is, has been in a very fine position to run the business of delivering the worst products of "LAW" imaginable.  MARK FULLER is a Judge on the Federal Bench, he has been in trouble due to his multiple-addictive personality disorder.

That is my diagnosis of one piece to the puzzle of the PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY FUND [PLF].  The PLF insures the Mark Fuller Attorneys-At-Law.  Fuller is a United States District Court [USDC] Judge/s.  

The PLF insurance is for the job that is so DISTRESSFUL that the POLY-ADDICTIONS are rampant.  DOCTORS AND LAWYERS are insured for the job, that destroys the majority of those that choose those particular "professions".  Same in CHINA, the doctors do their own drugs and are the worst poly-addicts and the lawyers?  Over in America learning the U.S. Constitution to compete with our own American citizenry.  The Chinese decided the Indians were from the Asian land masses and got to the North American Continent in one of the past shifts of the global architecture of earth dirt.

China came to America, Russia is here, Ukraine long ago was relocating here (many).  China has invested in the U.S., Walmart, COSTCO, Et Al.  The civilization or culture of America is a melting pot of global citizens.  The way the story goes and the idea of a Constitutional Republic is only true when the practice is honored.  The constant Imperial Presidencies aren't exactly working in the capacity of reality that supports the genuine science of reality.  Whatever that means.  What we aren't is a Government Via People Power, All People All The Time.  What IT is, is a Government Via Parasitic Bullies that have gotten power in persuading lower IQ and no EQ Bullies that are also parasites, into violently destroying the person or persons chosen to be the/a target for the worst of our species to target.

Hunting humans down isn't a new phenomenon.  The new is the internet blows the minds into knowing just how criminally insane our species has gotten when what is happening EG -- POLICE BRUTALITY -- that we are not allowed to be cognizant of the truth.  Zombie, robot, emotion-less, spirtually-dead.

One human brain, the measure has been scientifically tested, can hold the power on in the City of New York, New York, and that takes a lot of energy.  Here we are believing we are energy deficient.

Bad thinking habits when not able to be brought back into a balance, well the environment is also the brains that are thinking the environment into a serious imbalance because there are profits to worship as imaginary nows in tomorrows .. to be continued ...]

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  1. One measure of real sick society is via the prison power-less victims of the society, making sickness to imprison and investing in the cannibal practices of human recycled flesh in many forms