Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pentagon | PENTA-GONE | USA | Hagel, Chuck BE-GONE | Aston Carter Replaces Chuck Hagel | BRAINWORMS Almost At Conquering World Earth





Toxins, behavior that is the peak of self-degradation in as many forms of acting out-and-in a chosen insanity ... poisoning the brain-blood chemistry into imbalances that are then marketed as a form of commodity to gamble with, life bingo after a fashion.

When passion happens then the human being becomes filled with the energy of a type of element - can't really define the experience of passion.  Can be a 'feeling' and / or an 'experience' -- fire or water or can be another elemental-like 'experience-feeling'.  Metal, air, earth, and more, oh so much-much more, in than only philosophies of philosophers philosophizing about their philosophy.

Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Barack Obama - calling the elected and therefore, voted via the global people, President of the United States of America, POTUS#44.  Historical and therefore, respect the worship of how many got fooled and the fools don't want to admit the MISTAKES so the fooling keeps on.


And whatever can be taken into the physical system to make certain the blood-chemistry, AND certainly the brain-chemistry is NOT, repeat ISN'T, IS NOT functioning other than as a contaminated 'reality':

>. <

how can these so-called humans be in front of media sources and prove the Zombie has control of the whole wide world in ITS' worm-tongue parasitic 'reality'.

.. to be continued ...

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  1. Control the brain and the chemistry is a lab experiment ready to be used and abused and disposed, cha ching!