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metzitzah b’peh: UPDATE April 2, 2013 ... Baby Dies of Herpes in Ritual Circumcision By Orthodox Jews & LIBOR case

A Mohel performs a circumcision ceremony
to an 8-day-old Jewish boy. (Getty Images)
metzitzah b’peh, *drawing blood from baby’s penis the circumciser uses his mouth .. Naomi Reice Buchwald .. USDC Judge .. AMPLE medical evidence *direct oral suction* places infants at a serious risk of herpes infection .. evidence parents .. unaware MBP circumcision .. regulation plainly addresses .. legitimate societal concerns, Buchwald wrote, according to Reuters .. In 2003 - 2004, three babies, including set of twins, infected .. Type 1 herpes; cases linked to circumcision, one boy died.  *See Gilad Atzmon, "Jewish Blood Sacrifice."



New York BAR #1064252:  NAOMI REICE BUCHWALD, U S DISTRICT JUDGE, US COURT HOUSE, 500 PEARL ST, NEW YORK, NY 10007-1316, (212) 805-0194, Year Admitted in NY:  1968, Law School:  COLUMBIA

*Fax: (914) 390-4170, Hon. Vincent L. Briccetti, USDC Judge

*these being not ordinary times, thank you for yours' "time,"

Dear Honorable Buchwald and Briccetti, ET AL:

Addressing reality in Century XXI.

The/a threaded, weaving in and out of "life's tapestry," our tap root problem is ~Information: lack or none, distorted, brainwashing, programming, engineering the human species.  Obviously the intent was and is for behavior to model Biblical and / or aggressively anti-human.

As though lesser than wild beasts, Et Cetera.  We must change the "reflection" and how we got here is how we get to where we as a whole, get to decide and work towards "returning to," IE EG nature did not take away what nature provided to the male of our species.  The "internet," has indeed provided a necessary tool to not behave as though we are misinformed and of course the obvious, in a totalitarian manipulative ad nauseam "ghetto-hell."

Ms. Buchwald, for our future generations to understand advanced-higher intellectual pursuits of deductive reasoning, about baby boys and circumcised, please fact check that there has been scientific proof, forensically via MRI ET AL sources, that boy babies suffer a type of an "apartheid" in their "brain."  I am pleased to read where you got that this very strange - at the very least - "PRACTICE" is indeed a physical health toxic shock.  Then we begin to understand the beast behavior of betrayal.  Betrayal.  The damage this psychological fracture causes, via mother, is not exactly something boy babies can "reason."  Think about the fact, that, wild beasts at least do not officially organize to war.

"God's Work."  And of course the “International Bankers.”  That is, those LIBOR blood ritual manufacturers of whatever can be sold, to the "idiocracy useful idiots,” to control ‘them’ via salaries and retirements.  War, has to be paid for and there have been countless agents to do this job, over the many wars.  In C XXI, there are “technocrats” [you, et al], slaves of the “technomaniacs” [owners of the “digital dust”].  The faux power appears forcefulPOLICE STATE / NATO.  Tragically, the belief is “sovereignty” of the USA, is old fashioned and the power class technocrats get to kill the class that must not get dead.  Why the system was and is designed as a Constitutional Republic that “coins money, sovereignty.”  Your “Legal Tribe” dresses up as though a cult, after a fashion, “Holy Dressers-Upers,”  getting to wield on the “innocent 'useless' idiots” intentionally kept as lower forms of animals, “goyim.”

An ideology of "chosen" got sold, a brand, one hell of a powerful statement for the time it has taken for the Middle East to almost be entirely "colonized."  People have been "taken" after a fashion, the brain is not functioning as an independent source of natural genius.

Perhaps you did not notice ~ (you’ve been very busy protecting the vitiated money contract in America as going on no less than one-hundred years, FRAUD) ~ the BRICS and BITCOIN have begun the full-blown "CURRENCY WARS."

I believe the practice of circumcision
[metzitzah b’peh] was and is a metaphor.  The perspectives can be approached, in how long there has been unnatural addictions in destroying our own species, as though nature caused an apartheid in the human beings.  Occurring spontaneously in the birth of all species, is diversity a'la natural.

Digital dust the stuff is called, among so many names.  America got to fool all the Americans all the time for such a long time, however, the BRICS and more to join, are not victims since the military might of their armies can meet and compete in the nuclear winter.

PLEASE VISIT www.theartof12.com and carefully study the "information," because the forensics have been carefully honored in due process law - spirit, rule, written.

This letter is posted, informative from an art historian’s slant, coupled with a deep investigative probe curiosity, like a recipe, add a sojourn here and there, now and then, earth is round and finite with more than just one chosen tribe.

Get used to the multi-polar world, it is far more natural than what Hollywood sold US, a boat bound for Dante's Infernos forever and ever, The End.

Thank you for your time, my information is on the fax cover. 

Roberta Kelly, Mar 31, 2013 ltr faxed Apr 1, 2013

 UPDATE:  April 2, 2013, the fax has not been sent, yet.  Therefore, this link is posted here, Gilad Atzmon's THE WANDERING WHO, a sketch after a fashion of a book review, by Coyote Lane:


to be continued ...

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