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>biloxi_marx_3752@scribd.comFORTUNEmagazine, Biggest Bank Failure, June 1933<

... The officers of the Bank of U.S. evaded the spirit if not the letter of the law by forming more than twenty dummy corporations to carry on real-estate transactions.  These corporations had 100 no-par shares and their officers were minor employees of the bank.  For these corporations (known in financial slang as "desk drawer corporations") the officers picked out pretty names from a map of France ...
Let me finish by saying this, we very well may wake up after Thanksgiving “fat and happy” only to find out the entire financial system was a fraud.  The East, by asking for delivery may in a “polite” way expose the entire game.  This would accomplish much, first and most importantly, this will go almost all the way in ending the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  The U.S. will no longer be able to trade “something for nothing”. 

It will also hamper our ability to financially and militarily put our thumb on the rest of the world.  If we became hampered financially, this would also make military operation much more difficult to fund or pay for.  In essence, if I am correct and we do see failure to deliver and a COMEX default …the world may be a safer place!  This past week for example, president Obama secretly extended our stay in Afghanistan, how will this operation be funded by a bankrupt Treasury and a central bank that issues unwanted currency?  The Chinese/Russians in my opinion may be on the verge of winning a war without ever firing a shot and playing the game by our own rules!  We clearly have been the aggressors in both Syria and then in funding a coup in Ukraine.  Could crashing our financial markets be a way to put us on a financial leash and thus lessen our abilities at aggression?  I am sure this thought process has already been discussed.

Please do not call or write me Monday morning and say “see, nothing happened …again”.  All I am saying here it that the COMEX is now “cornerable” and in a very vulnerable position.  Maybe it will not be now, maybe it will?  All I can say is history is rife with “bank runs”, sooner or later the longs will stand for the delivery of an inventory too small to satisfy them, this will be nothing different than a bank run when it happens.



Federal Reserve System of "Banking" in the United States of America and the Banking System that grew the FED, The Bank of London, used FRAUD to CRIMINALLY ENSLAVE HUMANITY.

Isn't new.

Kings and Queens when the Magna Carta was signed then took to building CHURCHES rather than Castles and of course MONEY was then managed via the churches.  VATICAN is of course a reflection of this most significant truth.

Religious Holy Dresser Uppers, and all the necessary Robbed Gavel Tyrants ("Jurisprudence").

BANKERS have always been owned after a fashion via those that are the worst of our species Homo Sapiens, in the West-East-North-South.  World Earth is basically enslaved via the most powerful slave owners.  That agreement between slave owning governments has been changed again.  The West ran the Earth World GLOBAL BIZ, since concocting enough acts of annihilating our species.  Apartheid figured out, innocence betrayed, nip the male's penis off and disconnect from the yin-yang circle.

Acting like the West was benevolent, growing LIBRARIES of FAITH, and going to save the whole of humanity via the money that wasn't GOLD.

GOLD BACKWARDIZATION.  Called that, too.

Americans found out that they not only borrowed "money", BUT the "debt" was actually an interest payment to never be recouped unless perpetuity payments were made by most, most all the time.

Along come lots of criminals that are MEMBERS OF THE B.A.R., in every state in the U.S.  People of the U.S. are forced to give up rights'.  Our RIGHTS' are considered wrongs and we pay to have our "Rights" restored that we are in contract!!!  INALIENABLE RIGHTS', BUNDLE OF RIGHTS'.

But there is a faction and the faction is a Wall Street commodity of complete criminal fraud and now the game has been called OVER.

We the people of America are forced to be in an institution of insanity called "JURISPRUDENCE".  There is no justice when the so-called justice is about money contract resolution and the justice is completely unjust.

The WORLD EARTH didn't agree to give up all their lives, monies, properties and whatever pound of flesh was left after the parasites got done.

So now the crossroads:  no more criminal fraud for the real life experience chosen via all the people choosing to live in earth's reality.

We have had Heinz Kissinger and whatever PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES can be the POTUS, not telling the truth about the MONEY. 
DAVID ROCKEFELLER has been the MONEY CRIMINAL FRAUD, and now the West met the East and the Far East and the Near East and the NORTH-SOUTH, World Earth isn't going to allow this gang to continue on the WAR PATH.  War to own whatever can be owned and of course the killing sport is like olden days hunting foxes as Kings and Queens, too.

.. to be continued ...

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