Wednesday, December 24, 2014

NEW YORK TIMES [NYT] YULE TIDING CHRIST'S EVE AS MERRY ~Lashing Out at De Blasio, Chief of Police Union Deepens Rift

From the time of the Ming dynasty, there is another work by an unknown writer, called The "Eight Immortals Cross the Sea" (八仙過海; bā xiān guò hǎi). The legend is about the Immortals on a journey to attend the "Conference of the Magical Peach" (蟠桃會 pán taó huì) and on this journey they encounter an ocean. Instead of going across by their clouds, the immortals way of transportation, their leader Lü Dongbin suggested, that they all together should use their magical powers to get across. Stemming from this, the Chinese proverb "The Eight Immortals cross the Sea, each reveals its divine power" indicates the situation that everybody should show off their powers to achieve a common goal.

He Xian Gu, 何仙姑

Lu Dong Bin, 呂洞

Lao Tzu ET AL



The United States of America abused the power of the imaginations of the "citizens".

Citizens of the USA have RIGHTS' and these RIGHTS' are powers, such as choosing our own HEALTH CARE.

Lu Dong Bin gave He Xian Gu a peach to eat to have "immortality".  This story became a lodestar for me.  Peaches and the Royal Jelly of the Queen Bee was all I could have in me, after the experience with ANTIBIOTICS, and;

When the poison of a Brown Recluse spider bite almost cost me my life and the WESTERN MEDICAL DOCTOR wanted to cut my tendon shield of my right hand to drain the poison, well the choices became of critical importance.  That was in the first of the fall spiders, Taos, New Mexico, October 6, 1983.  THANK GOD that the community was so DIVERSE, the doctors from India and China there in Santa Fe, a drive from where I was stung in Taos but, well worth the wellness.

I was schooled in "medicine" in the early part of when Florence Nightingale was a healer of significant power - love.

CHI is "energy" and CHI is real.  I spent the decade (ten [10] years) doing the restoration of my system.  IMMUNE COLLAPSE DUE TO ANTIBIOTICS.  Had to restore and to this day daily restoration of my auto-immune.

TAI CHI, CHI GONG, SUN SALUTATIONS and as much "energy cultivation" of the BODY-MIND-SPIRIT, and this power from the EAST has indeed been what saved me from the WEST'S DR. MENGELE 'MEDICINE'.

Coming now the year 2015, and COSMIC REALITY ENEMA TIME, people in the North American Continent, made into experiments that are not well by any stretch of a measurement of CORE VITAL ENERGY.

What hasn't been contaminated?  The criminals that have made this happen want to cover-up the vile evil by acting as though the vile evil is an acceptable practice in the years of the World Wide Web (www).


The TAO is about nature and in nature the power of energy is all powerfully seen and unseen.  Homo Sapiens are from nature and no matter how artificial the societies are manipulated to be by the most criminally insane predatory of our species, the INTUITION of the HUMAN BEING is an all powerful energy that has imagination that encompasses the energies beyond any language known in the earth.

The NEW YORK TIMES and the stories that the NYT loves to sell to the NEW YORK JEWS AND THE AMERICAN JEWS AND THE WHOLE WORLD OF JEWS READ AND SWALLOW THE NYT WHICH IS NOT EXACTLY WHAT THE SPECIES NEED TO HEAL ... The NYT does this only to have something about what the needy need, and what the POLICE UNION WANTS IS TO KILL MORE NEEDY "NOTS", change our imagination energy and heal our people such as those as sick as the NYT, here is their token

>Today Is Christmas Eve! Remember the Neediest!<<nyt

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  1. Christ Spirit POWER that the Jesus Birthed Too upon studying the Eastern Practice of the TAO Happy Eve of CHI FLOW ETERNAL