Monday, December 1, 2014

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Living in the "United States of America" either makes one want to throw-up about ninety-nine point nine-nine-nine+ percent (99.999+%) of the time.  Or, there's no energy inside the blubbering piles of protoplasm doing, DOING?!  WHAT exactly!!  Waiting simply until check-out time.  So many suicidal and the pain of being in the physical body intolerable.  Death blows in trials and errors, still here.

Accidents.  Bad vehicle collisions, "can-opener" to get the body out, still alive, life flighted.  Alive and then, children get dead.

OBAMA and all his HOPE?  Miracle life forms, physical bodies of "human".  Organic forms.  Zombies are known via the dressing up as - for example - NATO.  Ferguson Color Revolution to get the mind-set ready-made.  DIE ALL THOSE NOT IN NATO FULL ARMOR TO KILL-KILL-KILL.

Movies made real and costs are capitalistic disasters bid-big time ebingo globalists' cha-ching!

The United States of America was not in the beginning, a nation which can be said:  "Natural".  BEGIN WITH GEORGE WASHINGTON ONE OF THE MOST AFFLUENT IN THE VIRGINIA SLAVE TRADERS.  And his face is on the Federal Reserve NOTE to brand into the American brain the slavery.

We've been TAKEN.  The species American driven into a state of almost totalitarian failure.

What occupiers are doing this?  Driving the point into the state, each individual state and the people are now like the Palestinian children:  not much will in surviving.

THRIVE in Century Twenty-one?  NOPE there is definitely NO HOPE from those that wrap up in slogans that drive stakes into the hearts and souls of what was the illusion called "Home of the Free and Land of the Brave".  DELUSIONAL roaming around lost in America, the majority aren't doing well, not by any stretch of POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER [PTSD].

Jesus Christ has to be real here and that is going to take a lot of imaginations deciding to think about a healing master like Jesus.  There is no evil in a healthy agenda collective consciousness thought-thinking, imagining we are not destroying the American United States via digital fraud.

We are beneath subterranean here, for the majority and that is terrifying alright.  How does the human in the USA that is not addicted to as many poisons that can be consumed, stay centered in the sadness?!

ZOMBIES from so many poisons called pharmaceutical drugs.  What is going on.  Not taking BIG PHARMA, oh get real - in the air, water, food, name a product consumed (liners in the cans of drinks only one example of everywhere psychotropic drugs).  ALTERING THE 'CONSCIOUSNESS'.  Brain chemistry lowered into frequencies of self-destruct and destroy own species everywhere isn't higher thought.


Screaming, anxiety, PTSD is far more deadly than EBOLA, dare to go places where the folks are truly unhinged inside and out. Many go to church.  Many read the "Bible" (who wrote what Bible in the USA that "Christians'" read?!).

PSYCHOTIC?  No, a mother simply took five of her five children and one-by-one drown them so they wouldn't "stumble and fall".

NEUROTIC?  Where isn't a human in earth, during the GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR -- not questioning the brain chemistry of neurons synapses not neurotically coo-coo?  There appears to be no real leadership in-and-up-to, where we are - any possibility/ies?  They got dead.

Nature didn't choose to have the European West come to the continent of North America and make what has happened now, as "reality".

Or did IT?  Aren't we all NATURE?  That is, we the life forms in earth are from earth's nature?

What is Good?  What is Evil?  What is God?  What isn't "GOD"?

Dog backwards spells God, and Evil is LIVE when turned around.

Words can be Sword and that is a Jesus turnaround artistry with words, too - he brought a sword, or what the words were-are is always up for opinion.

There are a lot of "Heads of State" that didn't keep the best head about them, in the reality of well-balanced in the act called "natural".

Aren't the entire species Homo sapiens all humans in earth being busy doing our own species into an extinction now?


AGENDA/$ as hidden imaginings of a faction, the CHOSEN "few" after a fashion.  We've serious problems, now liken to a boil in the earth to be relieved of the pus that is killing our planet and of course the forms of life are also being made dead.

Can't kill nature, though, not absent killing our own species, oops that's the AGENDA.  Got these parasites that have gotten far more hungry than the ordinary maggot and the maggots aren't other than very nasty eaters of flesh.

There is an IMAGINATION that happens to be now seen on the internet and therefore, the time has arrived for those that recognize the imaginings as all we the imaging whole in the countless experiences of the unseen that has the imagination contract ...

The Hebrews like to make up words, >Metzitzah B'peh< is a word from the "Hebes" and the act was made into an ORDER via Federal Judge in New York, Naomi Buchwald, as NOT.

A highly productive global trade-exchange:  Paedophilia.  The act is without question mutilation of our own species.  The cover-up via religious practitioners regarding imbalance is a serious dis-ease.

What do the American people do, when the "nation" is owned via the practitioners of dark blood rituals and convince the majority of "Americans" that modern is the ghetto-hell which isn't other than via choice.

Say the small collective imagination is contaminated but, the whole isn't.  There are many now that have plugged into the experiment - same today as when first the lab began:  IE EG, ROMAN ARMY; Indians' Genocide; Africans' Apartheid; Germany NAZI Israeli Totalitarian Model, ET AL ET CETERA >

There are those, though, our species of Homo sapiens that get to a point where the thoughts are not contaminated.  These 'enlightened' of the heaviness of the contaminated imagination collective, do alchemy for our species, and purification can be.


body-mind-spirit, slowing down and getting what the path is, earth-life.  Complicated, and yet, simply in our imagination and collective "mind".

imagine not contracting further with the digital fraud as criminal apartheid-genocide life in earth.

CHOOSE well-balanced images.

GOD centered isn't the image of a/the, ghetto-hell.

Digital debt criminal fraud sold as 'money', isn't other than a ghetto-hell model of an ideology, not only not GOD centered, definitely not sane.  Not a contract other than with some dirty devil, as always.

.. to be continued ...]

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