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[SidebarShock & Awe.  Jeb Bush political animal piles onto the top of the American Pyramid, and his son George too, is going to.  Fate has chosen for the family Bush to be one of the most powerfully positioned members of the "Society".  Also - America's book of writing in the time of earth life as world travelers is what the deciders' have decided.  Citizens turned into digital credit scores is a mainline consumption of recycling these new ideologies.  Tell a lie enough and the people live the lie as time sequences spinning years-years, of ghetto-hell eternal.  Rich?  Depends.  The nots/poor in the collective unconscious-subconscious-conscious-superConscious VIBE THE VERVE.  Being a species of the Homo Sapiens, and as species all prove in SCIENCE, the separation isn't other than the poisoned blood-brain chemistry.  All beings choose to be in a place that strengthens the power of what power thinks is power.  Co-creating the all-powerful of all powers is to accept that life in earth is a co-creation in the power of nature.  And, so when considering the choices America has been making in choosing the so-called "leadership" is to damn with faint praise the damned.  POTUSES #43, 44, 45:  our very desperate mirror reflecting the inner confusion of our so-called United States of America.  Ideology USA when fully exposed, is a constant flow of pilgrims to do what gets done with pilgrims.  The cycles in the past fifty (50) to one hundred (100) YEARS of a debt based economy to enrich those that cause this criminally insane fraud.  FILTHY RICH, ROBBER BARONS, ET AL, ET CETERA.  Jeb Bush who can easily afford to be the POTUS#45, 9-1-1 made big bank globally.  Clinton POTUS#43's Global Initiative is but, merrily-merrily-life-is-dreams that get to come true, RAPE OF RUSSIA.  Then, dreamer stops the comatose matter gray-grey organ of electromagnetic chemistry producing.  Minds are not well, almost all minds are not well almost all of the time.  The mind that THINKS that IT is well, is the most dangerously unwell mind and not to be trusted as a well to drink any idea from.  Polluted.  ... to be continued ...]


By Lambert Strether of Corrente
Jebbie “actively exploring” Presidential run [WaPo], he announces on [Facebook]. So, a Clinton/Bush dynastic conflict in 2016. Please kill me now.
“Scorning today’s Republican Party is, by contrast, the core of Jeb’s political identity” [Buzzfeed]. Let’s be fair: Gaming the voter rolls in Florida 2000 was innovative and foundational, and Republicans everywhere owe Jebbie thanks for that.
Chris Rock: Bush operated like a cable guy (“only served the people who voted for him”) while Obama is “a network guy. He’s trying to get everybody” [New York Times].
Axelrod: Warren trying to muscle Hillary Clinton on policy [Politico]. Since Clinton hasn’t defined herself…
Weiss supporters circulate letters on his qualifications [Politico]. In response:
Police third-most trusted American instititution, after the military and small business [Gallup].
“[L]isten to the defenders of the police in these latest cases… do you really want to live in the world they are promoting?” [Talking Points Memo].
Ferguson Commission meets on the court system, which functions like a “debtor’s prison” (says one participant) in the St Louis area [St Louis Post-Dispatch]. Recommendations could come as soon as January. I could be foily, but I’d watch for something on charters.
Ferguson meeting broken up into small groups to avoid “outbursts” [KMOV]. In my experience, never a good sign.
Investigation still active for Ferguson arsonists [CBS].
Ferguson and Occupy compared and contrasted [In These Times].
The sort of headine you don’t like to see: ” Ferguson police officer settles teen’s hogtie lawsuit” [Kansas City Star]. In the teen’s own driveway, while he was collecting his mail.
Federal involvement in killing of 43 confirmed; Mexican Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam had specifically denied it [Latin Times]. Follow up to yesterday’s report from Berkeley’s Investigative Reporting Program. The official story begins to collapse [Telesur].
Ayotzinapa parents call for Guerrero government to be dissolved [Telesur].
German G36 assault rifles in the hands of police in Guerrero, violating stipulation by German regulatory agency [Yucata Times]. If gangs supplied the guns to the police via the black market, that “would indicate more than a ‘deep integration’ between the two: that the gang actually ran the police force.”
Austrian forensic experts need at least two months to identify the victims in the Ayotzinapa massacre of 43 students, but some of the remains will not be identifiable [Reuters].
Torture Report
Rove and Cheney throw Bush under the bus [Cenk Uigyur (YouTube)]. Just read his memoirs!
“51% of the public says they think the CIA methods were justified, compared with just 29% who say they were not justified” [Pew]. A remarkably low figure, considering the Goebbelsian pervasiveness and intensity of pro-torture propaganda post-9/11.
“The Humane Interrogation Technique That Actually Works” [The Atlantic], unlike torture. What the elite’s immediate embrace of torture shows is that “the American establishment is riddled with sadism and depravity” [Boing Boing]. But then you knew that. Torture at one end of the spectrum, austerity at the other.
The true heroes are those who said torture was wrong, refused to participate, and tried to stop it [The Nation]. And if Obama had a custodial relationship with his conscience, he’d be praising them, not ignoring them.
The torture report lets senior officials off the hook, increasing the likelihood future torture [Politico]. Elite impunity rules!
Hong Kong
Air pollution increases as traffic returns to Occupied areas [Hong Wrong].
The winners: Hong Kong and mainland governments, which waited Occupy out and made no concessions [Asian Correspondent].
Deflation Watch
Mervyn King: “If households in China, Europe and Japan feel there are reasons to save any windfalls they receive, the global demand boost will be severely restricted” [FT, “Winners and losers of oil price plunge”]. Not the United States?
Stats Watch
Housing starts, November 2014: “[A] flat trajectory,” down 7% year-on-year [Bloomberg].
Redbook, week of December 13, 2014: Hannakuh gives sales bump, but “Redbook’s month-to-month tally so far points to weakness for December, at minus 1.2 percent” [Bloomberg].
Climate Change
Cod are voting with their fins to leave the Gulf of Maine, which is warming faster than almost any ocean waters on earth [New York Times]. But bass are moving in!
Species are disappearing, but how quickly? A graphic status report of life on Earth; handy charts [Nature].’
News of the Wired
  • Fred Hiatt’s editorial page: Always wrong about everything [The National Interest].
  • Study: Feeling like a winner changes what you think is fair [HBR]. As opposed to being a winner.
  • New study shows ebola worst case scenario avoided, if rapid, vigorous contact tracing and quarantines are employed [New York Times]. “[F]or every 100 known cases, there are 120 actual ones, rather than 350 as in the earlier estimates.
  • “Scatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction” [Boing Boing].
  • Six stages of a capital crisis: This winter Russia enters #4 [Medium]. #6 is IMF rescue. Er….
  • The history of the Paris commune [The New Yorker].
  • Michel Foucault, closet neo-liberal [Jacobin].
  • Amazon’s war against hyphens [Graeme Reynolds].
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  1. Indians in Amerikka cursed the occupiers from other places, and that curse grows until seer VANGA's prediction about the North American Continent fulfills prophecy. SOON.

  2. Seer VANGA's prediction about the North American Continent fulfills prophecy SOON?! .Indians in Amerikka cursed the occupiers from other places, and that curse grows until BOOM PNAC get ready!