Sunday, February 16, 2014

"BANKS" are what IT has always been: CRIMINAL FRAUD | Rolling Stone's "Wall Street's War" The Vampire Squid Strikes Again ... Etc

GovernmentGoldmineSachs Lloyd Blankfein

[sidebarAPARTHEID wasn't meant to be GOVERNMENT USA!  IE "Constitutional Republic" isn't what we have in the United States of America!

When the so called 'investors' that are known to be the KINGS OF JERUSALEM and then which family or families are actually the worst of the worst of the criminally insane of our species?  Not that many according to KAREN HUDES,

When the so called 'investors' whom are known via the criminally insanity of wars without end, and investing as the WOE industries, mass murder our own species and into possible extinction --- SELL the global billions of beings, What IT Is!

IT, has been and shall always be, and then the uncovering of the cover-ups.  GLOBAL INVESTORS are known.<<

Goldman Sachs [GS], is the AMERICAN COURT SYSTEM, IE, the JUDICIAL / JURISPRUDENCE 'Management' 'TEAM' is GS, and that is the CASINO accessed to rape, pillage, plunder and commit multiple high crimes against humanity, and high war crimes too.

Bank of America is OWNED VIA THE VATICAN, see World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes.  MERRILL LYNCH INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, yes on that again:  JUDICIAL.

INJUSTICE is an Apartheid.  Injustice to one is to all!

GOVERNMENT SACHS stealing all the wealth all the time in this system:

EG, INNS OF COURTS 'groom' the criminals that RICO, and are literally too dumbed down to know.  This is a slow but, certain GENOCIDE nowadays sold as AGENDA 21-GREEN.

Lawyers are attracted to charging money, so are Medical Doctors.  These professions in the United States of America turned into another WALL STREET BUBBLE.  IT has popped.

The Lawyers would be wise, since the connectedness is definitely well structured system/s, to sue the Federal Reserve System and all ITS' "Agents" (Bernie Madoff, see Karen Hudes' video 1/30/14), that have and continue to, participate in the destruction of the USA.

Hungry to charge 'money',  for the time of reading, writing and talking-arguing.  It is an attraction to a certain 'personality' type that has been engineered in multiple ways and means, from before birth now after the past 100 years and more.

We must educate our whole society to honor due process, the rule of law.  This is not nearly as difficult as when we didn't have the internet and the time has arrived to STOP:  DEBT CREDIT VIRTUAL DIGIT FRAUD ...

Militant Global Apartheid Genocide United States of America isn't acceptable in the Century 21 FULL Transparency, so the CORPORATION GHETTO HELL 'GLOBAL' has failed, as should be, see all the EUROPEAN COUNTRIES plus all the COUNTRIES in the Middle East, and of course Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil, China, India, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Syria, Et Al that are not about to invest further in the collapse of the USA ... to be continued ...]


Wall Street's War
But banks aren't just buying stuff, they're buying whole industrial processes. They're buying oil that's still in the ground, the tankers that move it across the sea, the refineries that turn it into fuel, and the pipelines that bring it to your home. Then, just for kicks, they're also betting on the timing and efficiency of these same industrial processes in the financial markets – buying and selling oil stocks on the stock exchange, oil futures on the futures market, swaps on the swaps market, etc.

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