Sunday, February 16, 2014

​Pro-Syrian hackers dump 1 million Forbes user details [*Hillary flew like a Circus here, there, everywhere, thousands of miles to bring U$ ...] BLOWBACK

[sidebar:  "An Act" ?!  'Congress' !? What were the so called "Leaders of the Free World" imaging in the poisoned protoplasm holy eaten brain tissue from portfolio retirement P HARM aceuticals and OBAMACARE opted out on the Total Apartheid Genocide package for U.S. 'consuming citizens'.  sb continued below ...

Hours after hacking Forbes’ website and several Twitter accounts relating to the magazine, the Syrian Electronic Army group published account details of more than 1 million Forbes users. The information leaked includes usernames, emails and passwords. Among the accounts compromised are those with system administration and author privileges at the site. The magazine confirmed the hack and advised its users to change their passwords. The hackers’ group, which proclaims its support for the Syrian government, said it had targeted Forbes because the magazine “posted many articles against the SEA, with much hate for Syria.” 

[sb"AN ACT" continued ... Congress wrapped up JURISPRUDENCE in the dark veil of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) VIRTUAL CREDIT-DEBT FRAUD.  This 'Act' was traded and exchanged as though a REALITY, in the ideology of wealth, certainly not the TRUTH in the IDEA.

Went all around earth, * just tickled pink in many tricked ponies -- dancing all over global stage.

Thought, Homo Sapiens in America made into perfect idiots.  Pay BILLIONS to hire this whatever to 'lead', and he lied too, just as did Congress and the Supreme Court of the United States of America, Et Al.  Trickle up and down CRIMINAL FRAUD.

Syrian Army hacking into FORBES is simply the tip of the iceberg.

TECHNOLOGY GOD US:  IT failed the JUDICIAL and every man, woman, child that trusted IT.

Do we really think that China, Russia, Iran, and name a country not hungry to expose every JUDGE ET AL heavily invested: GLOBAL APARTHEID GENOCIDE via the FRS!



  1. America set a standard operating procedure and the human beings in earth are all connected via telepathy and IT can't overpower the power of the reality that Homo Sapiens are in truth, ONE, so get ready USA cause the blowback has just begun!

  2. IT decided to be GLOBAL GULAG GOV BIG and so the human beings decided IT isn't greater than the imaginations of BILLIONS. So ready up pink unicorn worshipers cause BLOWBACK has only just begun!