Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Anti-Federalist paper about presidential power from 1787 will give you goosebumps

In light of President Obama’s “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone” comments followed by calls for direct executive action in his State of the Union, Senator Rand Paul’s 4th Amendment suit being filed against the President over NSA surveillance, the recent controversy over perceived pay-to-play appointments of U.S. ambassadors and the President’s joke about being able to do whatever he wants to French President Francois Hollande at Monticello, we found the below excerpt particularly striking.

It comes from Cato’s Letter IV of the “Anti-Federalist Papers,” dated November 8, 1787. All emphasis is courtesy of “Cato” (likely George Clinton).

It is remarked by Montesquieu, in treating of republics, that in all magistracies, the greatness of the power must be compensated by the brevity of the duration; and that a longer time than a year, would be dangerous. It is therefore obvious to the least intelligent mind, to account why, great power in the hands of a magistrate, and that power connected, with a considerable duration, may be dangerous to the liberties of a republic–the deposit of vast trusts in the hands of a single magistrate, enables him in their exercise, to create a numerous train of dependents–this tempts his ambition,which in a republican magistrate is also remarked, to be pernicious and the duration of his office for any considerable time favors his views, gives him the means and time to perfect and execute his designs–he therefore fancies that he may be great and glorious by oppressing his fellow citizens, and raising himself to permanent grandeur on the ruins of his country.–And here it may be necessary to compare the vast and important powers of the president, together with his continuance in office with the foregoing doctrine–his eminent magisterial situation will attach many adherents to him, and he will be surrounded by expectants and courtiers–his power of nomination and influence on all appointments–the strong posts in each state comprised within his superintendence, and garrisoned by troops under his direction–his
Ambition with idleness…aversion to truth…but above all…the perpetual ridicule of virtue
control over the army, militia, and navy–the unrestrained power of granting pardons for treason, which may be used to screen from punishment, those whom he had secretly instigated to commit the crime, and thereby prevent a discovery of his own guilt– his duration in office for four years: these, and various other principles evidently prove the truth of the position– that if the president is possessed of ambition, he has power and time sufficient to ruin his country.

Though the president, during the sitting of the legislature, is assisted by the senate, yet he is without a constitutional council in their recess–he will therefore be unsupported by proper information and advice, and will generally be directed by minions and favorites, or a council of state will grow out of the principal officers of the great departments, the most dangerous council in a free country.

The ten miles square, which is to become the seat of government, will of course be the place of residence for the president and the great officers of state–the same observations of a great man will apply to the court of a president possessing the powers of a monarch, that is observed of that of a monarch–ambition with idleness–baseness with pride–the thirst of riches without labour–aversion to truth– flattery–treason–perfidy–violation of engagements–contempt of civil duties–hope from the magistrate’s weakness; but above all, the perpetual ridicule of virtue–these, he remarks, are the characteristics by which the courts in all ages have been distinguished.


America was a dream but, the dream hasn't come true.  Glimmerings of the vision from time-to-time, writing about such liberty the predators all watch and wait and prey upon innocence.  Innocence is freedom, freedom is liberty.  This power is all powerful and the criminally insane that prey to be totalitarian control over this all powerful power, have been confused about the gathering of the energy forever.  Tragic lost souls.  We are in a lot of pain at this time and the agony is from awakening.

Extremely VilEvil energies have multiplied and are swarming the earth, the energy is a vacuum.  Trust is being sought to be destroyed.  The destroyer is poison.

When poison is in the physical body of the human being, the experience is a death of acceptance.  Poison is causing a part of the physical body or the entirety, to degenerate as the poison consumes the verve of the 'body'.

A very interesting element, poison.  Entering for example, a spider bites the human being, a hybrid spider.  Hybrid insects are also weapons, really?  Come now do we think that not all puzzles have been pieced together in the ownership of 'free'.

Free costs a lot.  Costs to know how to be free and this is really the gift of liberty.

So spider hybrids bite human beings and the reactions are that the poison can be either a type of lethal 'radiation', or not.

How to make the human being into a complete slave absent the total death moment.  Clever wicked and insane criminals spend their verve in how to harm their own species and, mass murder is one of the many forms of degradation.  Balance has lost wellness.

Time for understanding the art of self control.  Thought energy is more powerful than we can understand, that is a different kind of poison and poly addicted druggies like Barry POTUS#44, are scary memories for too-too long.

The "BLACKS" waited for a long, long time to have a leader that represented the reality of how long the blacks have suffered at the unfortunate ignorance of the so called "WHITES".  Like the two party system and then the system of dark and light.

Blacks don't want to accept this horrible defeat.  Whites didn't want to accept the defeats of Clinton and Bush Jr.  Humans must accept the losses of human failures.

Barry whatever his name is is a failure.  Bush "Jr" was also and is a failure.  Name a U.S. President not a failure and he is dead.

Not so much Lincoln as John F. Kennedy, both Sr. and Jr.

China and Russia are much older than America.  Why then, do so many Americans not want to keep on the path of liberty?  China and Russia and other countries don't have to follow the leader that is immoral, we the people of America have to get our compass back in the direction of our due process rule of law, now.

to be continued]


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