Friday, February 21, 2014

Rule 1.7 (b) (Conflicts of Interest) of D.C.’s Rules of Professional Conduct (as well as every other jurisdiction’s rules, except for California) | Update (1pub1/27/14), THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES: Fraud Facade Cracked, Hidden Booty Shattered Off Shore NoWhere Man, BUBBLE Popped and, Horse Hair Snapped! ~Count the Number of LAWYERS in the United States of America DECEIVED, & Know how many IT buys to fail a sovereign nation

The Sword of Damocles. 


[sidebar:  WHY aren't 'lawyers' suing the Federal Reserve System (FRS) for no less than one hundred (100) years, literally the foreign privately owned entity has been PLUNDERING the United States of America  !!?

KAREN HUDES' "Sued The Pants' Off 'Them'"!


Upon DISCOVERING that, the USA has been literally made into a "Banana Republic" while the FRS and ITS' PRIVATE OWNERS' have been turned into MULTI, MULTI, MILLIONAIRE~ BILLIONAIRE~ TRILLIONAIRE "QUADRILLIONAIRES"?

CAN AT THE VERY LEAST:  An intellectual discussion begin in the classes of people who are attracted to the discipline THE LAW?

Where is the outrage?!  LAWYERS were schooled in law schools that defrauded these students in the discipline of the genuine law.

Lawyers paid a lot of money, real money?  Most took out huge loans to pay for law school and the story goes, Mr. Acosta somehow paid all his loans for learning the law at school.  WHAT SCHOOL OF LAW.  FRS is the largest crime R.I.C.O. that the American so called 'law' has ever supported.

NOW the SWORD of Damocles no longer is held by the horse hair, to be continued ...]

There was once a king whose name was Di-o-nys´i-us

He was so unjust and cruel that he won for himself the name of tyrant. He knew that almost everybody hated him, and so he was always in dread lest some one should take his life.[97]

But he was very rich, and he lived in a fine palace where there were many beautiful and costly things, and he was waited upon by a host of servants who were always ready to do his bidding. One day a friend of his, whose name was Dam´o-cles, said to him,—

"How happy you must be! You have here everything that any man could wish."

...  The Sword of Damocles
Then he chanced to raise his eyes toward the ceiling. What was it that was dangling above him, [99]with its point almost touching his head? It was a sharp sword, and it was hung by only a single horse-hair. What if the hair should break? There was danger every moment that it would do so.

The smile faded from the lips of Damocles. His face became ashy pale. His hands trembled. He wanted no more food; he could drink no more wine; he took no more delight in the music. He longed to be out of the palace, and away, he cared not where.

"What is the matter?" said the tyrant.

"That sword! that sword!" cried Damocles. He was so badly frightened that he dared not move.

"Yes," said Di-o-nys-i-us, "I know there is a sword above your head, and that it may fall at any moment. But why should that trouble you? I have a sword over my head all the time. I am every moment in dread lest something may cause me to lose my life."

"Let me go," said Damocles. "I now see that I was mis-tak-en, and that the rich and pow-er-ful are not so happy as they seem. Let me go back to my old home in the poor little cot-tage among the mountains."

And so long as he lived, he never again wanted to be rich, or to change places, even for a moment, with the king. 

[sidebar continued:  A HORSE HAIR, is how the story is also, the sword was held with the hair of a horse and that was all to keep the sword from breaking free from ITS' 'partnership' with 'IT'.

Who is IT?  IT is the FRAUD-digit-FRAUD, that is worshiped via the COURTS and the so called 'lawyer profession' .. to be continued ...]

Damocles, Attorney at Law
Damocles, Attorney at Law >>  A legal ethics specialist with the D.C. Bar, speaking at the Bar’s mandatory ethics course, opined that a lawyer’s student loan debt could create an irresolvable conflict of interest preventing him or her from taking on certain cases, at least while complying with the ethics rules

I never thought about that before, but horrors!…he’s right!

Rule 1.7 (b) (Conflicts of Interest) of D.C.’s Rules of Professional Conduct (as well as every other jurisdiction’s rules, except for California), reads…

 A lawyer shall not represent a client with respect to a matter if:

(4) The lawyer’s professional judgment on behalf of the client will be or reasonably may be adversely affected by the lawyer’s responsibilities to or interests in a third party or the lawyer’s own financial, business, property, or personal interests.

The only way to get past this prohibition is for the lawyer to receive an informed waiver from the client, and for the lawyer to reasonably believe that the personal interest will not adversely affect his or her judgment on behalf of the client. If, however, a lawyer’s student loan debts are sufficiently crushing, I wonder if the latter conclusion is ever credible or reasonable. Wouldn’t such a lawyer desperately want a client in a contingent fee case to accept a generous settlement offer rather than risk getting nothing in trial? Could such a lawyer’s advice regarding whether to accept such an offer be trusted, ever?

The opinion was rendered during a discussion about how a lawyer’s impending bankruptcy or other extreme financial distress created an ethical requirement to disclose as a conflict of interest to a client or potential client, and how such problems could be so inherently biasing for the lawyer that making objective case-related decisions with financial implications for his own status would be impossible.

After all, loan debts can’t be discharged with bankruptcy; they are among the worst kinds of debt. The ways such financial obligations could warp judgement in legal matters are many, including pushing a desperate lawyer to accept or pursue dubious long-shot litigation in hopes of a lucky jury verdict that could yield a big fee…all the better to pay that loan off with.

I have my doubts that a bar counsel would be eager to pursue discipline in such a case, but the fact remains that having a huge debt hanging over a lawyer’s head is not conducive to the objectivity and independence that the ethics rules require.

[sidebar continued: How to make DEBT SLAVERY look respectable?  How to make PLUNDERING look like 'law'?  The FRS isn't good for America and any thinking sentient being that can count, read, write and do a smattering of arithmetic can definitely be invited into the enlightened democratic society of Iceland.

THE COURT SYSTEM OF THE USA IS THE FRS and that isn't but FRAUD on-to-IN the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, All 18 Titles of the Consumer Rights', and of course the CONTAMINATION TO THE LAW and our Declaration of Independence.  Time to change the correction into the proper position here in the AUGHTS.]

.. to be continued ...


  1. LAW SCHOOLS & LAWYERS & REAL ATTORNEYS need to "Sue The Pants Off" The Federal Reserve System, FRS, now!! No more 100 years or even one single year!

  2. The 'tender box' or 'power keg' all those sayings are rumored around and then the year is after all 100 since World War I, a very important "modern" version of mass murder of our own species for the worship of never ending criminal insanity.

  3. First, PRODUCE A LEGITIMATE 'LICENSE'. The "British Accredited Registry [B.A.R.] Membership Card" isn't a license to practice law; next prove the student loan/s to the Federal Reserve System [FRS] aren't being negotiated to corrupt the so called 'law' ..

  4. Criminals have decided the rule of law isn't convenient. Problem, solution, reaction. School costs a fortune to get into the RICO global and so the TRANSPARENCY has to be at all times, forensically auditing the portfolios and other important financial considerations, Etc.