Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MoveOn: Re-Inventing People-Powered Politics | People Powered Petitions

MoveOn's petition website was built to provide individuals and organizations with the tools to start and win their own grassroots campaigns.

How our Petition Website Works

We empower regular folks to become campaign leaders. You shouldn't need a Super PAC to have the power to change your community. We provide individuals with the tools needed to become effective advocates for their causes.

We believe in progressive political change. Many of our biggest petitions are about finding ways to fix our broken system: passing progressive laws, checking the power of corporate lobbyists, and holding politicians accountable. From city councils to state legislatures to Congress, MoveOn petition creators are helping build a society that works for everyone.

We connect MoveOn members directly with the hottest petitions. With more than 8 million members, MoveOn provides start-up campaigns with a critical boost of grassroots support, and our tools allow you to send unlimited, free email updates to all your petition signers.

There are more than 8 million MoveOn members. Tap into our shared people power and create progressive change.
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  1. Best get as many Petitions as possible to restore DUE PROCESS, RULE OF LAW.

  2. Due Process, Rule of Law, this is the PETITION to be ongoing until the system of higher intelligence is restored!