Sunday, February 16, 2014

Update (1pub4/3/13) MONSANTO ~US Senator Barbara A. Mikulski

[sidebar:  US Senator Barbara A. Mikulski, GMO American.  THE MATRIX MODEL ~ OMG!!?

Senator Mikulski, not in charge.  Obese and not stopping the maker of this GMO American image, the pictures are right-left-wrong?

Brain shrunk, intentional.  Thyroid shrunk.  Mikulski is a form of tumors inner, an organic protoplasm simply in serious last cycle of "decay."  Hillary Clinton, same.  Feinstein, same.  Not one "US Senator," has not been compromised and thus, this can explain why we are damned.  Americans aren't humans.  We've been experimented on since before World War I?  That could be way too not early enough a time frame, more like since the first human got born and another human was a predatory.

GMO for the "New World Order." POTUS supposedly eats only organic as does FLOTUS, now why do you suppose they are eating non GMO?!


  1. How to know GMO 'Protoplasm' ? The BUBBLE is also an intentional 'mark to market' commodity: Poisons to fill the organic form to make an artificiality for all the OBAMACARE the $$ can buy to die!

  2. As John Maynard Keynes said, CAPITALISM is a made up power via wickedness that does whatever to make capital work for the wicked and GMO MONSANTO is very very wicked capitalism indeed!