Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Future Does Not Belong To The Criminally Insane, Clearly "RACHEL CORRIE" 2, Too! ??

[sidebar:  Children don't have a real voice or Rachel Corrie wouldn't be dead by way of cold blooded murder.  That's how those old vampires of antiquity really LOVE to see the world SUFFER.  Children get to remind we're emotional beings, deep feeling in the spirit of our soul in all souls.  Then the mutilated get in control and HATE the LOVE.  Kill the wrong energy.  Metzitzah b'peh MUST be ceased, desisted, stopped.  And so must the vilEvil circumcision.  Whatever mutilation separating the HEAD, in an APARTHEID to then routinely commit GENOCIDE sold AS ? name a criminally insane that can really think sane.  No, resoundingly.]


  1. Dare to watch the video, then go and watch the video of Rachel Corrie too, dare to awaken to how bad the people that call themselves many titles, but suffice to know the criminally insane are in charge and do this to our children for centuries

  2. KILLING LOVE to greedily lust the CRITICAL MASS CRITICALLY INSANE HATE isn't thinking about other than what that-this says-is-IT, detached from all living life and especially our own 'humanity'!