Friday, February 21, 2014

WC FIELDS | Update || BANK DICK, BEEFSTAKE MINES (1pub2/24/13)

the Bank Dick car chase

 Con man resorts to taradiddle to sell shares in the Beefsteak Mine .. "I'd rather part with my dear old grandmother's paisley shawl or her wedding ring then to part with these bonds."



  1. DUMB TOO DUMB, U$A. Vaccinations? The poisons came from the WARS, that is the certain INFECTIOUS DISEASES that have literally manufactured a Zionists' Zillion Countless Numbers of human sickness to CAPITALIZE ON. Or, BRAINWASHING & PROGRAMMING? America was an experiment and the failure is not what should ever be practiced again.

  2. Gee, there was never a shock and awe about the criminal insanity, not when we look back at the great WC Fields! FRAUD was intentionally sold to the American people and the Americans purchased this because like the Indians of North America, the poisons were intentional and the experimentation has caused a very serious high crime against ALL humanity! Barry the Commie, not COMIC relief, was supposed to fool all the people all the time and almost did! OMG, look at what could have been with third term of the HillBilly Cult continuing as the Global-Commune-Social-ISMS!