Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ISRAEL'S "BFF": GOO GOL isn't Israel's BFF (Best Friend Forever) IT, Israel & U$ PU$HER$ For The Global Gulag GOOGLE Must Get Real Real Soon

City of NEW YORK NEW YORK and the so called:  'DIGITAL AGE'


Google has acquired SlickLogin, an Israeli security startup that delivers a smart alternative to having to access sites that require both a passwords and authentication code that’s sent to your mobile.

[sidebar#1:  OH MY GOD!  TRUST the worst of our species to gather our voices, AND using the same 'integrity' as always!!

PLEASE help the consuming innocent that have already been made into what IT IS ...

[sidebar#2:  GET'EM, SICK'EM ALL GOOGLE ISRAELI INSANE CRIMINALS.  Look what you get to be in charge of, so many souls and so little reality.

Israel was a manufactured commodity, human beings ALL, are too, no exceptions to this and the Israeli and American failed states as rogue nations proves the earth isn't as dumb as the dumb criminally insane idiots KINGS OF JERUSALEM, actually thought they could pull off how many more centuries making GHETTO HELL so the GOOGLE ISRAELI'S can actually fool their APARTHEID GENOCIDE into FRAUD, selling IT to unknown and known universes.

MONEY IS FRAUD.  So is GOOGLE.  When there are people sleeping in a heap in the City of New York when the MAYOR has an army that is personal, like the Vatican, then we need to reboot our imaginations!]

.. to be continued ...


  1. Too sick, while the world suffers the Israeli so called 'People' GLOBAL GOV APARTHEID-GENOCIDE, are going to now steal our VOICES? Vibrations are not for SALEl to the criminally insane, HOPEFULLY !?

  2. How to make an Apartheid appear to be a cult that wallows in the ghetto and worships the hell of torture. Here we are 2014, money is digital, virtual, and some are greedy to the point of criminally insane and others? Poor in a time of virtual money that is digital fraud. Pathology.

  3. Money Fraud and the love of IT. Gets those that are innocent to be like rats in a nest to be ready for the predators of virtual digital fraud.